I’m sorry to say but for me this is the worst year in all senses for Facebook. The big blow that involved 50 million users, made known last weekend, may soon cause a very high fine against the Menlo Park company . A fine that could reach up to $ 1.63 billion if the European authorities prove that the Zuckerberg company has violated some basic principles of the new European regulation on the processing of personal data.

I have read that the Irish Data Protection Commission, which is the main regulator of Facebook’s privacy in Europe, has already stated that it has asked the Californian company more information about the nature and extent of the violation, including how many European residents would have been involved in cyberattack.

It is quite clear that this story, for Facebook, is a blow, and weakens so much every effort made by the company to regain the trust of users after the Cambridge scandal. Moreover, 50 million users affected by a hacker attack, and another 40 million previously disconnected from the platform, are in fact the numbers of the largest data breach in the history of Facebook. A violent attack that comes a few months after the entry into force of the GDPR, which imposes more stringent rules on the protection of users’ privacy. This is why Facebook, today, could pay dearly for this affair. In fact, this is a very significant test also for European authorities. The first case of infringement to millions of users since the new legislation became operational.

But my question is: what really happened?

😨 informing me among the various sites the answer is not very nice for people like me who are registered on Facebook.

For about two weeks and more, hackers have intercepted the financial details of users who have made reservations and certainly should not be few! I’m really sorry but you have to take in my opinion new criteria of protection and privacy can also be sometimes boring but it is for the good of all ..

going forward…

From what I could understand now there are two possibilities for Facebook, or it will be calculated based on the severity or duration of the violation. The first fine will go to 2% of the total turnover or 10 million euros (choosing the one that is greater). The second fine equal to 4% of the total turnover or 20 million euros (even here choosing the one that is greater). And in this second hypothesis, which seems the most similar to the attack on Facebook by gravity and duration, the fine against Zuckerberg’s social network could reach 1.63 billion dollars.😮😮Fortunately, there is a factor that could be decisive for a possible discount on the penalty. And it’s that of the notorious 72 hours. The Gdpr in fact, provides that a company must notify the breaches to regulatory authorities within 72 hours. In doing so, the penalty could adapt to the first option (that of 2% of turnover). Facebook notified the violation on Thursday evening, and seems to have complied with the time limit set by law. The regulator, however, complained of a lack of clear-cut details in the notification. And this story will also be the subject of legal discussion in the coming months.

We just to hope Facebook adopts new strategies not to fall into these bad situations …

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