E-sports is a competitive sports which are played using computer and network. .In the last few years have e-sports seen to develop rapidly. According to Forbes, the total income of the e-Sports industry grew from $493 million in 2016 to $655 million in 2017 and is expected to increase to over $9oo million in 2018. Consideration has been given to lot of issues before e-sports can be accepted which will be a demonstration event at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia. According to a Ivo Van Hilvoorde, lecturer at Vrije Unviversity Amsterdan in the Netherlands specializing in sports, “we cannot exclude e-sports from the family of sports but there are moral and ethical questions over whether it should be an Olympic sport or not. There are drawbacks to these services especially where earning from gaming is concerned be it in difficulty withdrawing funds, lack of transparency in the distribution of prize funds and fraud on the part of third party services, unprotected rights of e-sports participants, refusal of intermediaries in the payment of winning and donation charge backs. These problems as well as many others may be solved through the implementation of blockchain technology which has found applications in a variety of other areas and is now poised to bring its benefits to e-sports gaming. Blockchain is a huge, constantly supplemented, decentralized database with shared access, which utilizes a chain of blocks to store transaction data. Data is complementary across multiple blocks, meaning that data cannot be removed or replaced in a single location without altering it across every block. Blockchain technology reduces the potential for hacking or fraudulent activity and is immunized against the threat of a single compromised unit compromising the entire database system. Despite the potential advantages and benefits offered by blockchain technology, few online platforms have yet to take advantage of complimenting blockchain technology. However one such service currently is FANTASY E-SPORTS who saw to take the advantage of the benefits posed by blockchain technology by using it to build their service from the ground up.

Fantasy e-Sports is a blockchain technology based on data/records of professional gamers and teams. The origin of transactions cannot necessarily be identified since cryptocurrency transactions are decentralized and anonymous thereby removing the ability to conduct chargeback’s, preventing charge backs being enacted out of spite since those wishing to utilize them so cannot be guaranteed to have their fake donations returned to them. It’s transparent, secured with easy means of earning and void of fraudulent activities. Fantasy sports is a schedule of real pro e-sorts matches which list pro players who will play as scheduled and gives players the freedom of picking one’s player for one’s desired team which able participants in multiple contests. Fantasy sports is not gamble, a skilled game which requires analysis/operation/information which enables users to pick professional players and compete with other users using total fantasy points and highest points earned users win



The visions of Fantasy E-sports is to provide and create a blockchain technology that is powerfully secured giving users the benefits of satisfaction while using our platform whose features include media, education, analytics, streaming, gaming platforms all connected to blockchain





• With blockchain technology, it’s totally safe and secured giving users the benefits of transacting safely

• Its transparent as all information will be properly stored giving users a safe and easy usage

• It’s a user friendly platform

• No falsification as we are trusted and reliable

• Rights of e-sports participants are been secured

• Earning of Fantasy points (FP) from results of real pro players’ records and compete with other users. Users with higher FP wins prize money



Blockchain tech: Etherum, ERC20

Token symbol: FAN

Blockchain Tech:

Ethereum ERC20

Prices: $1.00= 10 FAN

1 ETH = 7,000 FAN

1 BTC: 89,600

Soft cap: 1,400 ETH

Hardcap: 25,000 ETH

FAN token delivery date: within 1 week after the close of each token sales period. All unsold tokens during pre-sale & ICO will be burned



Sale: 40%

Advisors/partners: 5%

Reserve: 30%

Bounty: 1%

Team: 9%

Bonus/incentive: 15%



Development/R&D/solutions: 50%

Marketing/Sales/Partnerships: 30%

Operations: 15%

Legal: 3%

Other: 2%



Q1 2018: FanEspo Prototype

Q2 2018: Pre-sale #1(+50%) & MVP Release

Q3 2018: Pre-sale #2 (+25%) & Pre-sale #3 (+10%)

October 2018: CLOSED Beta Service (LOL Champions) & ICO (up to $30M)

Nov/Dec: FanEspo Open-Beta Service (Dota2/OW/LoL)

Dec 2018: FanEspo Official (LoL spring Season) & Unfreezing FAN

Q1 2019: fANeSPO More eSports games



Titus Kim: Founder & CEO

Todd Hong: Technical Manager

Evan Kim: Director of web Design

S.J Kim: director of web service planning

Robin Choi: PR & Marketing

Bo Jung: UI/UX Design

Kevin Choo: Front-end Development

Gordon Chun: Web Development

Fantasy E-sports has the potential to radically transform the esports industry. It offers a number of practical solutions and potential improvements to long-standing issues, offering more convenient and transparent alternatives to existing services which is growing. Fantasy saw the problems encountered and used that to achieve her aims. To participate, get more information, enquiries please kindly view our whitepaper as well our websites. You can further follow us in our social media platforms to follow us on profitable benefits and necessary information. Together, we can make a difference.



Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4268190

Facebook: https://fb.com/fanespo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fan_espo

Telegram: https://t.me/fanespo

Written by: Ogtejiri

Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132

Wallet address: 0x33E8810b5432ccD823b6c45975A55Fb9F6c931D6

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