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To help you understand PUB better, we collected and sorted out some related questions for your reference:


1. What is PUBLYTO?

PUBLYTO is a combined media contents portal. Our vision is to bring all the contents and users to one place, and everyone can get benefits from oneʼs activities within it by distributing media contents plug-in to the internet. PUBLYTO is based on blockchain, but our service is not limited to blockchain related contents and users. 


Bring all your contents from the blog and other social media to PUBLYTO. All your stories can be turned into PUB tokens. We plant a plug-in in all the contents, so that can be counted as your profit. Your contents do not necessarily require to be blockchain based.

3. Is PUBLYTO account automatically created by signing in other social media?

Yes, PUBLYTO beta service will allow users to create an account automatically by signing in Google or Instagram. Soon we will add social sign-in features like Facebook, Envicase, and Steemit.

4. Can I use all the features with PUBLYTO account only?

Yes. All the features are available with login only, and there is no restriction on expanding profitable activities. 

5. What does the PUBLYTO Wallet do?

PUBLYTO Wallet is automatically created at the time of subscription. You can transfer the PUB Token you earned to your EOS account or exchange wallet. The stake and Unstake functions are also supported.  


6. What are the benefits of creating an EOS account?

Having an EOS account allows you to be an authorized eosio token holder that can perform EOS archiving / transmission, BP voting, airdrop, resource delegation, and more.

By taking advantage of these public values, PUBLYTO will provide special benefits to users who convert their ordinary accounts into EOS accounts. In addition, if the EOS account is increased, it contributes to the status and expansion of the eosio ecosystem, and will greatly affect the value of PUBLYTO, the eosio main network adapter.

7. How can I convert my PUBLYTO account to an EOS account?

The function is available now, please visit the PUBLYTO official website to get more details.

8. What is PUB token? What can I do with it?

PUB is a symbol of PUBLYTO Token. Like Bitcoin’s BTC. In more details, it is an independent Cryptographic Token issued by PUBLYTO based on eosio. It can be used for content rewards, exchange revenues, and to attract donations. Also, it can be used as a spot trading means, such as sending your videos to a movie theater using your own PUB or purchasing products from affiliated Internet shopping malls. The range will gradually expand. 

9. How to purchase PUB tokens?

You can acquire PUB tokens from the exchange. Currently, Chaince is the only one exchange, which is a trading platform of blockchain assets focusing on projects around EOS. At this time, It is not allowed to trade through other exchanges. Others will be listed in over time by market protection strategies with the high value of the PUB. After purchasing PUB, you can use it by sending it to PUBLYTO account or PUBLYTO linked EOS account.

10. What is the reason to stake PUB tokens? What about Unstake?

Stake is necessary to get INK. The more INK you own, the more Thanks Power you gain! If you want to sponsor, transfer, or withdraw PUB, you can do the unstake. However the unstake token is not immediately available, you must wait 72 hours after you run Unstake.

11. How is INK(interest) used?

When you click the Thanks button on the post, the total amount of INK you have is displayed as the Thanks Power gauge. You can adjust INK according to how much ʼthanksʼ you want them to receive. When you spent all your INK, it means you ‘Full Thanksʼ. The INK is refilled by the amount of PUB being staked after OO hours. 

12. Can I cash INK(interest)?

INK is considered as power, not money, so it is not possible to cash INK.

13. Can I transfer the INK?

Transferring INK is not available, but if you stake your PUB token to other accounts, the account holder will have INK according to the PUB token amount.

14. What is the INK rate (interest rate) paid at PUB Stake?

You receive INK as much as you stake. Ex) Stake 1,000 PUB to generate 1,000 INK.

15. How do I sell PUB tokens?

Transfer to the exchange wallet and sell. See note 9.

16. Can I import social media or blog content besides YouTube and Instagram?

Yes. As social login medium is added, you will be able to import your own content that you have posted on that medium.

17. When will plug-in be installed on external blogs or websites?

It will be released in the 2018 year.

18. Are there limits or guidelines for the number of content or genres?

There is no genre limitation. However, contents with better readability will obtain a better response and has a high probability of being featured. We recommend a combination of Visual and Story content.

19. How do you filter out inappropriate content?

Report feature is built-in. This would support strongly PUBLYTO’s Ombudsman policy. If reputation systems are applied in the future, high reputers will be working to clean up the ecosystem, such as warnings and access restrictions.

*ombudsman system – It is originated in Sweden and began with the purpose of monitoring and checking the executive power of the state. In the case of the media, it developed into a system for collecting complaints from readers, viewers or consumers and correcting them. 

20. Can I post duplicate content from other blogs or social media here?

Yes. Duplicate publishing can expand the coverage of your content. That’s why PUBLYTO portal exists.

21. Can I upload content without tokens?

Yes, you can. However, because there is no Thanks Power (INK), you can not receive curation compensation even if you click the Thanks button.

* White Paper Reference Link:

22. Whatʼs good when the ‘Thanks powerʼ is high?

– The total compensation amount of that content will increase.

– Receive greater curation rewards.

– The relationship with the publisher becomes stronger.

– You can find and cultivate good contents.

23. What is the correct use of the Donate button?

Use the Donate button when you sponsor your preferred publisher or content. Sponsorship is done with complete goodwill.

24. Do you have features like “following” or “Add friend” as in other social media?

Yes, thereʼs a subscribe function. Posts from subscribed users will be updated in your feeds.

25. Is there a distribution strategy to preserve the value of the PUB Token?

40% of the total issuance of 10 billion is forcibly locked out. If necessary, we will replace inflation to prevent the rapid value declining by Indiscreet inflation. Up to a billion lock-ups are tied to non-circulation until the community consensus is achieved. In addition, a significant number of tokens are locked out (in order to generate ink) among the 6 billion total circulations, or the distribution of tokens is controlled in multiple ways.


Thanks for your always support. We will continue to provide high-quality service for you.

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