As you may have heard of BetDice also plans to implement the daily reward function like EOS.WIN, That means they plan to give you some EOS for every DICE you hold in your EOS account which you can request on a daily basis. As I can tell they just tested it and it probably didn’t work out like they thought… Because yesterday I logged in and a new window popped up where I could claim the reward. But clicking the lucky draw wasn’t working for me at this point (It showed an weird error). After that one time I didn’t see this reward function anymore so far. However now everything is working almost like before and they already did a few changes at the top of the page (CPU & NET percentages):

In my last article I though about putting out the warning that the lucky draw offer may be not there forever for every hour and without any conditions. Here comes now the obvious change that had to come at some point: Now you can only do the luck draw once per day fore free – but that’s still very nice and generous! (More lucky draws are only available through betting 1 EOS or more and limited to maximum of ten per day)

On the competitive side to BetDice has EOS.Win now also implemented the lucky draw, which was normally only available at BeDice so far. They made a slightly better version: It’s a bigger win of 60 EOS at first price (compared to 50 EOS at BetDice) and extra LUCKY tokens (for more rewards you can claim). The winning chances are the same like on BetDice of 1:10.000. But they only give you a free lucky draw if you really have played once in the last hour.

The uprise in the daily rewards of EOS.WIN is also nice to see:

In my last article about these sites the dividend payouts were much lower (per 100 LUCKY it’s now at about 0.0089 and like a week ago it was only 0.0053).

So everything is evolving in the casino crypto world! Also nice to see some changes happening and competing projects reacting very fast to each others actions.

Have fun with all these sites and please never bet more than you can afford!

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    1. Infosion Post author

      Yeah right! Thx for pointing that out, I always kind of forget about these. But of course you shouldn’t, they are also very valuable. Especially because you always get for example LUCKY which will over time increase your payouts very nicely.