Two beings cloaked in shadows considered the moon.

The first spoke. “A blue moon is risen.”

The second rebutted. “No, a blood moon.”

“Nevertheless, I will cast my piece for the kindred lord who would enthrall the masses. Yes, He who possesses command of the magic that commands the people. This will ensure the survival of the humans thus, stabilization of an essential food source. It is their survival that society hinges on. Without their red nectar, the kindred rulers would regress into ravenous beasts as the world degraded into misery and chaos.”

“Bah. I prefer the Red Lord. Much older. More powerful. What matter is enthralling magic to the packs. Those country-dwelling shifters must be checked. Every full moon could be our end. We’ve been lucky so far. They haven’t organized, yet. There would be no stopping a collective assault. A good offense is the only viable defense. It’s an unpleasant truth. But, we can’t let them gain strength. We need a strong kindred army to scour the countryside. One tasked with disruption and instigation. As long as the packs are engaged in civil war, they are not a threat.”

“So blinded are you to reality. It is imperative that we wholly concern ourselves with *ourselves*. It is because of our past transgressions that we have created this division between the packs and the kindred lords. Meanwhile, the humans grow restless. They know discord, not harmony. If we lose control of them then we lose all. Do not misjudge my words, I see plainly the threat posed by the packs. However, we would be fools to deal in external troubles before addressing and correcting those internal.”

“Let our guard down? More than we have in centuries? You don’t understand. It is a delicate balance. We hold the upper hand. But, that could change over night. The minute we take our advantage for granted–the very moment we turn our attention inward is when we will hear their collective baying at our gates. You underestimate the threat. This is how all empires have fallen. I fear you have learned nothing from history.”

“Ahem.” Came a different voice.

The two shackled men turned in the direction of the third.

“You guys realize that we’re the humans, right?”

* * *

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