Hi again guys, it’s your boy PeeJay and am here with synopsis on fear, I hope to help us master our fear at the end of this read.

Previously I discussed about demystifying your fears and his you can make better decisions even in fear. If you missed it, you can find it https://trybe.one/demystifying-fear/

Now is there anything like fear mastery? Can one master fear? Emphatically yes!

Mastery of fear is not one’s ability not to feel fear or be afraid, it is the ability to do what is needed to be done regardless of the fear.

 Courage is not the absence of fear but the presence of something greater then fear.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Not too long ago, I saw a documentary on Nat Geo Wild of how a man jumps into a river to rescue his dog from the jaw of a crocodile. The croc left the dog and went for a bigger meal: the man, grab him by the leg. The man being a spirited fighter was hitting the croc with all his got and eventually got the croc a weak point (the croc eyes). The croc left the man but the man lost the dog, the dog didn’t survive the bite.

What could have pushed a man to act even in the presence of the number one phobia of all times “fear of death”?

The presence of something greater than death at that particular time, to that man, was the fear of missing his dog.

Now let’s analyse the situation

Did the man act irrespective of his fear? Yes

Was he courageous? Yes

Did he act from emotions? Yes

Did he act from rational reasoning? No

Did he master his fear? No

Courage without knowledge is foolishness, from our example the man coincidentally hit the eye of the croc and without that coincidence the man will be dead together with his dog.

Mastering your fear means thinking logically at a time when all emotions are heighten and scan for the best possible outcome and action to take.

This is not easy to do but luckily for us we are not confronted with death tempt everyday so whatever your fear may be, if you have the power to repeat it, you have the power to learn and improve on it.

Most of us will only take up that challenge when there is a fear greater than the challenge; to that man it was the fear of losing his dog, to you it may be the fear of losing your house that will make you start that business.

We don’t have to wait for the worst before we act irrespective of our fear. Apply the strategy of demystifying your fear by taking action, assessing the action mentally and physically and then adjusting to take a new action, with a new mind-set and mental process.


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image credit: pixabay.com

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