I do not know if you share with me the same passion for cats (they seem extraordinary creatures) but I think that even though it might not be like that, what I will tell you next will turn out to be curious at least.

  I think we’ve all heard how the females cry out for the males to mount them when they’re in heat and we’ve also heard how during the mating these same females howl in pain.

  I was attributing it for a time, given my ignorance, to the fact that females usually, in almost all species, usually have a certain touch of capricious dislike…, however it turns out that is not the case of our dear cats at home, street cats, wild cats, lionesses, etc….

  And they have all the right of the world to complain and the reason is this:

  The penis of the male; a penis with bone (like that of many mammals, including the dog, which allows penetration without the need for an erection) that, as you can see, is surrounded by spikes.

  Keratin spikes, similar to those that the same felines possess in their characteristics and scratchy tongues.

  These spikes, which offer their resistance in the exit phase of the penis, are the guilty of the cries of pain of the females and their functions are mainly three:

  1. Prevent the female from escaping during intercourse, since at the slightest attempt to escape the female notices the pain and ceases in her attempt. In addition, the male tends to bite them on the nape  to hold them tightly.

  2. Produce the induced ovulation of the females by tearing the inside of their vaginas with their penis. It sounds a bit cruel, but the females of the felines do not ovulate like the rest of the species and need that pain and tearing to start ovulating.

  3. From the first copulation of the female, the process of ovulation and fertilization takes between 20 and 50 hours. During this time more males ride the same female and here is the third utility of the penile hooks: the next males will use their keratin spikes to get out the most sperm from previous males and make sure theirs is the one that fecundates the most ovules.

  The litters of kittens from the same mother are usually from different parents.

  The males are not born with said spikes in the penis, but they start to grow  after reaching their puberty (6 months).

  Did you know that human males also possessed such keratin spikes on the penis about six million years ago back in prehistory? Evolution erased these DNA sequences from our genetic code together with the sensory whiskers and these events, apparently unimportant, contributed to the greater brain development of our species.

  It seems that all these curious facts about the male penis of felines have worried our kitty; look at what scary face she has after reading this article….

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    1. Miguel A. Cabanes Post author

      Thank you very much, buddy!
      The truth is that it is a curious fact about felines that not many people know; I did not know it myself a couple of years ago until I investigated in this respect.
      In reality there are much more complex things than we think and much more magic than we think about everyday things or beings that are familiar to us.
      The nature is wonderful!

    1. Miguel A. Cabanes Post author

      Thanks for the compliment!
      As far as I know, the most similar thing I’ve seen related to that, it’s a kind of female antiviolation condom: women introduce the condom inside their vaginas and when the rapist sticks his penis he does not notice anything, but in the exit phase of the penis he finds a kind of metallic thorns that tear his penis.
      I think a scientist invented it a few years ago.