Laziness is one of the main sources of one’s decline. Progress that is gained by someone happens a lot not because of his super ability and intelligence, but the ability and willingness to fight little laziness.

Many people want to win but are reluctant to accept challenges in life. But the biggest challenge is not when we face difficulties, But when we fight laziness ourselves.

Actually, Fighting against laziness and despair is the first step to becoming a successful big person. Work and learning routines are the best way to succeed.

The first and foremost step is to realize that laziness is foolishness, and intends to improve it.

Do you realize that each of us has “gold” hidden within us?

“Gold” is every talent and potential that exists in every human being. Laziness Is the act of hoarding and accumulating ignorance and poverty so that every talent and potential in us is not explored.

Then how to fight laziness: 

Keep moving

Trying to continue to do something useful is not only for yourself but also useful for others.

Everything needs a process, but there will be wonderful results if we want to work smart and continue to be consistent. Start moving from now to pursue beautiful results.

Fight laziness



No success without discipline, no success without struggle.

Someone who wants to be a doctor, he has to go to school for years, every night lacks sleep, every day reading a book, can’t be lazy to go to college. Someone who wants to be a champion of sports, he has to practice every day, maintain health.

Lazy Is one of the traits that often appears to someone and can happen to anyone. However, this trait is not one of the praises of a Muslim. Even laziness is categorized as a dangerous disease for a Muslim and he must try to eliminate it from him.

Hunger and lack of food consumption are also often causes that make people lack energy and feel lazy to move.

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  1. chekohler

    Some great times, I try to always write down what I did the day before so I remind myself what the standard is and I can’t do less than that. it needs to be equal or more so I can try and remain consistent.