With the increase of open source projects and decentralised networks, internet users are benefiting from free access to wealth management, data ownership trustless environments, a more meritocratic interaction online and less censorship. This is now possible thanks to blockchain technrology. But Peer 2 Peer networks gained popularity in the end of the 1990s for their file sharing solutions more than anything else without the need of blockchain. The problem was that they were disregarding copyrights for the files uploaded and illegal content was easily distributed so most of them got discontinued. P2P networks still exist, but they still have to deal with their own inherent problems such as dos attacks that could potentially render the servers inoperable, attackers poisoning the network by injecting useless data into the system, privacy and identity issues because the IP address of peers can be easily identifiable, and leecher users that don’t contribute to the network because they are not incentivised to do so. In reality, there’s no universal, open and free platform in my opinion, currently, that is available right now.

So is there any solution to any of this? Yes. That’s why today I’m going to talk about Files.fm.

Files.fm is aiming at creating a fog computing platform with an open source web browser to storage and share files in a semi-decentralized p2p network made up with classic cloud storage servers and p2p nodes where users can store and share files with other community members on the platform. The limitation of conventional cloud servers is that as the number of users increases, speed drops and the service cost increase.

Did you know that the cost to run Youtube is approximately 6.3 billion dollars a year? Or that Google Drive limits you from downloading a file after multiple attempts?

Excerpt from Files.fm Library whitepaper (https://files.fm/f/4864x3mp) 

The problem is real in centralised solutions but by combining cloud storage and p2p technology, download speed can be improved, Maintenance fees are reduced and achieving unlimited traffic and thousands of simultaneous users is possible. This is the universal platform where free and paid content can coexist together in harmony.

There’s websites like Archive.org that store a lot of useful content for history but it’s still not the best solution. Imagine how important is to store and preserve information nowadays? Data is everything, and for future generations, data will be crucial to learn from. I was reading somewhere not remember exactly where, that if right now, there would be a massive global catastrioioioophe and just average people are left, could they rebuild the world? There’s no instructional manuals in how to build a house, how to grow food, take care of livestock, let alone build a phone from scratch or how to build a computer, etc. mostly because this is private information for corporations. What about the public knowledge? Should the public now the basics of life? Does the average person knows this? We live in a world were knowledge goes to the privileged and free education is hard to provide. But being able to provide information/knowledge and contribute to future generation is as simple as being able to share and upload your school or college presentations of a certain subject. Are they better sitting in your hard drive? Do you mind sharing them? You could donate this information in a universal sharing platform like files.fm

Why would Files.fm use blockchain to achieve this?

Blockchain provides transparency, immutability and independence. All transactions, sales and licenses are recorded in a public ledger where everyone can verify their integrity. This way, copyrights are secured in hashes and Token transactions are way less expensive than traditional payments. Because of the nature of a blockchain, p2p traffic is encrypted and anonymous solving the issue of conventional p2p networks regarding identity and privacy. Using a token allows the community to be involved in the platform’s economy by earning rewards when uploading files, adding metadata and sharing free drive space. This can turn leechers into contributors. Users can then spend their tokens in various ways like buying private storage, purchasing paid content or trade them independently in exchanges. The community is one of the main, if not the most important, cornerstones of the Files.fm library, everyone will have a role in the platform according to their contributions, and given a title for what they have achieved. This is what will make the platform thrive. You.

Unlike many other projects that attempt to raise funds expecting people to believe in them just because they are launching an ICO, Files.fm have been in the cloud storage industry for 10 years, have a working web and desktop app, a monthly 1 million active users and currently working on a decentralized alpha version.

Files.fm library can greatly improve how 4.1 billion internet users worldwide, share and exchange data online. If you want to hear more about this project and how is changing the internet, visit their website, get involved in the community and follow them in social media for future updates.

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To learn more about it visit their website and download the whitepaper to get detailed information:



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 Keep in mind that I’m not affiliated to Files.fm. * I might be wrong with some concepts of the platform so make sure you read the white paper to understand the project fully.* I’m participating in the content creation bounty campaign. You can join any campaign you would like to participate here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5075959.0 I’m participating with my account https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=882182

Therefore, I’m not giving investing advice, this video is purely educational in regard to the Files.fm Library.

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  1. Infosion

    As you said, the combination of P2P with blockchain technology sounds very usefull! Having such a big user platform this really sounds very interesting! Happy to look into that one. Thanks for bringing this up