Hello, Trybe Community.

My real name is Cornel (on Trybe — @cryptoeera). I’m 6’4 tall; born in September, 1991.

This is me:

I am from Moldova (a small country in East of the Europe), where I lived till the age of 21; we speak there Romanian and Russian. Relocated to USA, Illinois, Chicago around 6 years ago.

In the beginning was pretty difficult, I didn’t have a proper job, I didn’t have any social relations and it was pretty torturing being hit with homesickness and nostalgia.

Anyway, the time went by and after a while, going regularly to the beach and playing Volleyball with different people, I began getting acquaintances, friends, girlfriends, entering diversified groups and from there, soon enough, everything started ramifying and I was getting a ton of socializing; which helped me a lot with the homesickness and nostalgia — of course they never disappeared, but they were diminished considerably.

Also, after almost a year of being in Chicago, I discovered that there are actually pretty many people from my natal Moldovan village that live in Chicago for way longer than me. So, I met them as well, starting going to play Soccer, attending different parties and events, so now I really didn’t feel alone anymore.

After a while, I found a fairly stable job in construction during the cold part of the season; but every time the hot part of the season came, the job wasn’t as stable anymore and sometimes I had entire weeks without having anything to work. I tried also to work in HVAC field, but it was the same situation, then in electricity where it was slightly more consistent, but still not enough for my satisfaction.

Later, I worked for a short period as a cashier and delivery guy; this time the work was stable, but it was very underpaid.

But the point being, even if I would have had 100% everyday consistent job, I would have still not been content; since in this way I didn’t have control over my time and salary, I depended on a boss or bosses, I traded the most part of the time on working and enriching others (the boss) while I was getting paid just a fraction; was tiring, boring, I didn’t get to develop properly my brain and personality as a whole whereas all I did was what I was told and I didn’t have the Financial Freedom.

So, I knew I needed a solution if I wanted to improve the quality of my life and feel proud and self-accomplished.

I remember very clearly, it was middle of September, 4 years ago, how I got a call from my employer explaining me that during the cold season we will not have HVAC work to do again. That was my final/turning point; I had in mind long ago this tendency to start something of my own, but this time around I finally found in myself the power and determination to take action!

So, I arrived home, turned on the PC, deleted all video games that I was playing at that time (DOTA & FIFA), deleted all the movies and TV shows/series; then opened a new tab and wrote in Google: “how to make money online”.

Obviously, as a total newbie, it was very difficult in the beginning, I didn’t have even the basic knowledge about Internet stuff, I always was more of an outdoor type guy. What I had it was a strong desire and unconditional determination.

First weeks were incredibly frustrating since 90% or more on the Internet are scams, schemes, ponzis, pyramids, misleading tricks etc. But after 2-3 weeks, my first success was when I found the Wealthy Affiliate website which is an educational platform that requires you to pay $47/month creating your own WordPress Websites for you and showing you SEO techniques, psychological sales strategies — basically is teaching you how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer. That was a decent good start for me.

Later, I found Affiliate Marketers Gurus like King Human, Sean Logan, Jamie Luis, Mark Barret, Paul Prisick, Alex Becker and others. Began following them online and learned and applied a lot of their procedures and tactics: email marketing, funnel promotions, social media campaigns, CPA, CPS, flipping books on Amazon and other Websites, eBooks, Kindle Books, flipping products between CraigsList and eBay, creating my own digital products, paid traffic, outsourcing the trivial work, acquiring white label products businesses in a box, arbitrage tasks, Google AdSense, Google My Business Maps, Pay Per View, Pay Per Impression, Solo Ads, Websites/Domain Names flipping and the list can go on and on.

I started being able to bring in consistently some money with it, so finally created my second source of income besides the construction job that I was still doing once in a while.

Evidently, that wan’t enough either, so I started delving into Real Estate since I was seeing a lot of opportunities for beginners. I started following Phil Pustejovsky. Then I got involved in the partnership contract with Dave Dinkel from Florida in doing rehabbing and wholesaling, which wasn’t too successful. I also created an account on Bigger Pockets Website and started attending local meetings and networking. Then I partnered with a woman (forgot her name) doing shortsale/foreclosure deals, which wasn’t too successful either.

But little by little, I kind of left aside Real Estate. I was getting now a lot of interactions with people all over the Globe. A new era was about to commence in my “online career”: the era of banks and payment processors.

I started getting a lot of partners and clients doing preponderantly different financial projects using major and smaller banks; merchants such as PayPal, Payza, Pioneer, Skrill, Stripe, World Remit, Circle, Venmo, Square Cash etc.

That was my 3rd source of income and in fact was a pretty hefty one. At this point my dream of quitting my job became a reality and I did it without looking back ever again (it happened around 3 years and a half ago).

Everything was going increasingly better, but soon enough I encountered a significant barrier: as I started to get more partners and clients and initiating more and bigger projects, evidently I was required to operate with bigger and bigger amounts of money in shorter and shorter periods of time.

I’m sure many of you know: as you start processing and moving bigger amounts, banks and especially merchants and in particular PayPal, is creating you a lot of problems and headaches, by freezing your funds for at least half a year. Because of that, I started losing a lot of partners and clients and my revenue relatively started reducing as well.

In searching for an urgent solution, I came across an article from CoinTelegraph stating that a CryptoCurrency called Bitcoin lets you transact any amount you want in any period of time in a decentralized way without involving any 3rd party. What? Of course first thought in my head was: that’s too good to be true.

Anyway, after a couple of days of investigating, I was immensely happy with my discoveries. This happened around 3 years and a quarter ago; ever since then, I automated all my other Online Businesses to get a fair passive income; and made my first top priority the CryptoCurrencies.

Today, I have my funds spread and invested in hundreds of CryptoCurrencies, including Trybe, which I got involved in September 2018 and am very happy I did!!!

I know, I kind of waited a while before I made my introductory post; but I’m planning from now on to post regularly. Feel free to follow me because I’m going to post different captivating articles about different things and topics.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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