We all know that on the EOSIO platform you can enjoy high TPS and no fee. We also know, however, that there are problems with the scarcity of some resources such as the CPU, network and RAM.

CPU and network are consumed especially by “actions” that ask the smart contract to make calculations, NET is consumed when large quantity of data are transferred. Whether they are games, voting, gambling, or token withdrawal, it doesn’t matter: every time you start an action, a part of the CPU time and NET is used, if you persist you will consume all the resources available. In that case it is necessary to do a temporary staking or wait the next day to have the resources available again. RAM however works differently, any data written in the smart contract subtracts part of your RAM: an airgrab, a vote, a purchase order in an exchange, a new in-game item put in a slot, or any other action you can imagine, virtually everything occupies a part of RAM. This RAM is returned to you only if that data is deleted or the action is completed. Beware though, this shouldn’t be taken for granted, it depends on how the smart contract was written. If developers have done things superficially it’s possible that a quantity of RAM will not be returned to you, over time you will discover that you have none available.


So, while CPU and NET are resources that renew themselves, RAM is not. Once consumed you have to buy more. 

The problem with CPU afflicts especially the gamblers that require continuous actions to smart contract as “roll the dice” but the problem with RAM affects everyone, including hodlers that do little to nothing on the network. The “harvesters”, those hodlers who try to catch every airdrop, airgrab, do staking and collect the dividends, weigh little on the CPU but over time are subject to RAM shortage because signing in, grabbing, staking, claiming, withdraw, and more… all consume RAM.

Is there anything we can do? 

Can we clean the RAM somehow? I asked many developers and BP (Block Producers) on Reddit and Twitter and no tools to clean the RAM are known. Fortunately, however, the BPs EOS Cafe Block and HKEOS have added a very useful function to their already well-known block explorer Bloks.io:

the first ever RAM EXPLORER for EOSIO 

This tool can’t clean the dirt in your RAM but let you explore and find out what is swallowing resources the most and it gives you the opportunity to think twice before redoing that action on the platform again. With a quick glance you can find out what has consumed the resources and you can have some ideas on how to recover some, for example: selling useless token crumbs, deleting items in a game, or removing forgotten orders on an exchange.

Do not wait any longer, go to https://bloks.io look for your account page and click on the “RAM Explorer” tab.

…and don’t forget to vote for the BPs that produce useful things to the community!

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  1. Infosion

    Thanks, great tool! Interesting being able to check this now
    Was actually also wondering if there’s no possibility of getting rid of the RAM that is not used anymore… like CCleaner for Blockchain or something like that ^^
    Maybe something like a garbage collector (like in JAVA) could be implemented on some later stages ito EOS..? But I guess you’re right that it depends probably more on devlopers programming their DApps in an efficent way regarding RAM usage….