Life as we all know it is filled with unpredictable situations that may arise when you expect it, so when you least expect it. It has become so normal to the point that, if everything works according to plan, it means something seems wrong, and most times you will be right to think that way. I believe the root cause of this may be as a result of how populated the world we have come to know has become, a recent study reveals, that a young adult today, knows more people that his/her ancestors knew in their entire lifetime. There are a lot of humans in every part of the world, different people, different races, and different cultures, all crammed together in our dying earth to perform the activity called life.

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Since facing challenges is so trivial that it has become part of everyday life, it is wise we develop a thick skin in order to help us respond the right way whenever such a challenging situation arises. Now, as an adult, you have to be mentally and psychologically strong to be able to go through a day’s work without having to deal with one uncomfortable situation or the other. It is almost impossible not to disappoint someone every now and then, to be disappointed by someone too. The world has become so competitive, that it makes survival now a daunting task.

In this post, we will look at some things we should have in mind while going through life on a day-to-day basis. This tips if properly applied, can help you go through difficult situations, and come out on top.

Believe yourself

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First off, you got what it takes to handle the situation no matter how bad it may seem, knowing this at the back of your heart gives you the necessary courage and confidence to tackle every problem head-on without second-guessing yourself. If you know that “You got this” you will act like you, and this way you will go about addressing the problem with all the needed confidence and gusto the task requires. But on the contrary, if you act flighty and scared, it will reflect in your words and actions; and people who are sensitive enough will understand that you don’t have with it take, leaving them to either take advantage of you or replace you.

So, it is very important you know that you can handle every tough situation, regardless of how complex things might be from the surface at the start. Knowing this is a major confidence booster. Knowing that you got this isn’t enough, because you truly have to get this, meaning you should be smart, and well learned, and have a bit of both technical and of sound intellect to simply be able to handle tough situations.

Enter action with Boldness

Now we know that you got this, what happens next? You think, and do that for as long as time permits because carrying out an action plan that is well thought of will only take you to more difficult situations. So as a rule of thumb, always ruminate of the idea, feedback and enquiries, chances are that you will get a second opinion which may just be something minor you missed out on while going through the document. Another great way of accomplishing this is by discussing your ideas, and challenges with like-minded people that can either be family or friends, where they get to share their ideas and experiences which may be helpful to see you through your current predicament.

But, in all your dealings, always delay entering action too, always gather as much information as possible, this way you get more time to contemplate your actions. And when your mind’s made up and you’re certain of your actions, enter such actions with boldness. However the outcome of such actions, always be responsible for such actions, those are the things that will make you be seen as a bold person.


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  1. Paul Oluwanisola

    “Believing in oneself” is the sure way to go, it just that – some culture hardly allow you the freedom to express your creativity and self opinions about life other than that that is believed or had been agreed upon. This is seen in many African cultures and is a major reason why talents are being held captive in their own world (mind) especially the youth. There is a crucial need for tangible education to encourage more flexibility towards life.

    1. Yandot Post author

      That is life, we only need to believe in ourselves and do not need to care about what other people think of us, the important thing is that we don’t make mistakes with them, life must be simple and relaxed!