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There’s just been the first dividend payout at EOSeven. I wasn’t even really aware that the payout was coming that near. Anyway, here’s what I can say about the payouts so far. This message got released in their “EOSeven Announcement” telegram group:

You can see that they show the payouts that have been done now in their payout tab:

And there’s now the claim button and a projection of what’s in the pool / what to expect. The claim button works (that’s why there’s almost nothing to claim left in the picture 😉 ), but the payout projection isn’t working so far:

During last week I staked ~106K tokens and so far got like 0.98 EOS from the first two payments and already another third of 0.11 EOS. The “rest” like they said in their telegram post will be paid out every 6 hours.

That’s really not bad for an investment which is right now currently still cheaper to get then I bought it for at ~0.00001200 to ~0.00001400 (on NEWDEX)! I basically bought all between 0.00001211 and 0.00002360 during the last weeks. But don’t rely on that very long. Prices are ranging from 0.00000846 to 0.00001374 at NEWDEX for SVN/EOS right now when writing this article:

So if you take the example price (to buy) of now 0.00001300 you would pay 1.378 EOS for 106K and would’ve got 1,09 EOS so far. Which makes it a ROI of 79,1% until this point – and there will be still coming more some ~1%’s this day I guess! If you take my average price I bought it for the last weeks (0.00001785) you would’ve paid 1.8921 EOS for 106K and would’ve gotten still a ROI of 57% until now.

The price of SVN/EOS on NEWDEX reacted a lot – I guess right before the first payout happened:

However, how nice this all looks: I think you can say that the best part is already over. The most realistic expectations for the next dividend payouts are now based on what came in on the last of the 6 hour payouts. This was 0,11 EOS for 106K tokens at my rate. So for 10K tokens this would mean a payout of 0.0010377 EOS on the next 6 hour payout. Because 10K tokens have cost like 0.1300 EOS this makes it an expected ROI of hardly only ~1% (0,798 %) right now. And these are the payments which are expected to come in every 6 hours – and unsure how long to continue! Also, I’m not so sure about the staking period. It could be possible to buy some coins, stake them and get the dividend right now – but it’s also possible that they should’ve staked before today in order to receive the payouts. Due to a mistake I made I actually didn’t stake all of my coins for the payouts I had. So I’m staking them right now and that way I’ll see if they are included into the next payout. When I found out, I will leave a note in the comments below.

So in hindsight if you would’ve known exactly when this was going to happen this could’ve been huge profit. But always coming with new risk involved about the uncertainty of the payout until it really happens.

Most important: What to learn from this for future projects? You can see from this example that it makes sense to get into something this early. But also by not too much! This payout could’ve easily been postponed a few days or weeks or there may also be projects who are struggling to get this at all working. You don’t really wanna have your money lying around there, potentially getting no rewards for it and only a lower price if wanna sell. So with experiencing now this, FunCity, EOSLuckyMe and other projects it gets clear to me that all of these projects differ a lot in their execution of delivering the payouts. And everyone has his own reasoning and vision how to do it the “right way”.

However, when it comes down to security and the best payouts right now I think MEV and BetDice are undoubtedly playing in another league. In short, I think compared to EOSeven now MEV is still the way better choice, seems like much lower risks and already much higher consistent payouts. So there’s a need for huge price action upwards of the EOSeven SVN token or much future success needed to make this investment justified based on its ROI expectations right now.

Nevertheless, is right now the time when you can see that this project is really delivering and standing by his words. And having said that the price went down a little in the last weeks this might seem like an okay to good opportunity for a long term invest.

But right now? Remember, we are still before the TRYBE airdrops! Now buying TRYBE is probably more valuable than lots of other investments in my view. If you haven’t please read my article on TRYBE vs casino dividends – learn why investing in TRYBE right now might be a more valuable investment than casino dividends in the long term: TRYBE Presale vs. Casino Dividends: And The Winner Is …

It’s also hard for new projects to get into something so competitive like the gambling DApps right now. Some may have the nicest ideas but also have to see how everything can work out in reality today. I guess EOSeven like a lot of guys creating these DApps today are full of innovative ideas. So this is a project like a lot of others. But because of how hard my comparison may seem I actually also want to stress out the importance of supporting new projects at this point. If we all would have just bought DICE or MEV since the beginning and nothing else then new projects would have no chance of getting bigger and to make the whole other projects better – because of competitiveness!

Before I forget to mention it in the next articles (like with EOSeven before..!) here are some more of these new projects who will all pay out some dividends in the future but haven’t finished their payout system yet:

DEOS Games (DEOS) looks like they almost finished everything. The staking could be done at some point but doesn’t work right now. However, they are already projection a payout there:

If you try to stake come tokens you get the following error message now:

It was a different the last days ago, so I’ll have to look up in their telegram group or elsewhere if they maybe finished up everything and staking is going to happen soon..?! I’ll check this out and include it in one of my next articles here!

UPDATE: DEOS Games just published an article here on TRYBE stating that they are doing a relaunch as you can read here. They also included a nice ROI prediction for the first coming payouts:

So I guess I will be able to inlcude them in one of my next articles and can tell you more about the size of the payouts.

BET24 (CHIP) has already a statement about the payouts currently being in development, but no possibility for staking or any projection of the expected payouts:

The Se7ens interface already really looks special and unique compared to every other EOS gambling DApp I saw so far. They might have a little bit of anther approach. But I really like this so far, because it makes them stand out of the rest. However, there’s no info regarding the time for staking / the implementation of dividend payouts as far as I’m informed: