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Today I will write about CryptoPolice. I originally wrote it here. Someone might have heard about it, but as it is a new one and still in process of development I would like to share with all of you some first hand info about it. Actually the platform now is in the Alpha stage of development.

It is an unique platform, because its mission is to UNITE the community and the technology and the major GOAL is to safeguard online users AGAINST FRAUD!!!

PROBLEM: a lot of spam + SCAM are terrorizing the communities over Internet, especially what is related to crypto and the blockchain in overall. Now is the right moment to act efficiently and take timely protection against the dangerous elements that have flooded the net of blockchain.

I will give you information as detailed as possible, why I think that CryptoPolice is here ready to stand by and fight the undesirable elements.

Why I got interested in this project: I am passionate and enthusiastic about blockchain technologies, because is the Future already IN, and I am happy that the days of the old, unfair and dangerous for the humankind progress Banking & Financial system are soon to be over!!!

Everyday many innocent online users get screwed up by the scammers. Tons of info are in Internet, blogs, articles, news. As I am vivid participant in the #disqus forums of #etherscan, by my estimation about 90% of all comments are related to scams/ frauds, so the comments and threads about ICO’s, pre-sale, soft and hard cap etc. get lost in the whirlpool of desperate people, cursing the scammers, and demanding its stolen fortune back… It is not easy to witness such comments, who knows the same can happen to you, nobody is 100% protected against these acts of crime.

Many people on a daily basis get scammed by the BAD GUYS, and there are different ways to fool out the innocent users, hacking their accounts and transferring the tokens, crypto into another address.

Here is the list of some most common scams, that MUST be avoided!!!

  • Phishing
  • Airdrop scams
  • Impersonating
  • Fake ICO’s
  • Shady exchanges and fake wallets
  • Ponzi schemes ( yes it happens even here )

CRYPTOPOLICE says that is here to safeguard us from all this malicious spam and scam. Press here to WATCH the STORY of CryptoPolice.

WISDOM OF CROWDS, or how does it work?!?

source: www.cryptopolice.com

  1. Everybody is welcome to participate
  2. Report to the platform the suspicious scam
  3. Officers verify the report
  4. Verdict is created
  5. Verified data is stored in the blockchain
  6. The already existing in alpha version Watchdog on the blockchain protects community and notifies the community about scams and fraud.

The PRODUCTS of CryptoPolice:

  1. WATCHDOG is kinda antivirus system
  2. ESCROWis a smart contract system
  3. ACADEMY is the on-line training for users
  4. SCAM DATEBASE, list of all defined as a scam objects
  5. PROJECT DATEBASE, info about the Internet projects
  6. KNOWLEDGE BASE, high-quality educational and informative materials


  3. AI


  1. Simple User, anybody using the platform, incl. investors
  2. Internet Project Owners, cooperation with representatives of other projects
  3. Officer, certified by CryptoPolice expert-level user

FYI, here is the table with all the ADVANTAGES of CRYPTOPOLICE platform!

CryptoPolice ICO Ratings: Pls. press on the links icomarks.com   icobench.com

CryptoPolice Website HERE    

CryptoPolice GitHub  HERE 

CryptoPolice Telegram HERE 

CryptoPolice Facebook HERE

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    1. Yanika Post author

      Thanks @littleboy for the upvote. Btw. I think is noteworthy to mention about some cooperation partnerships of CryptoPolice:

      1. Bitdefender joins forces with CryptoPolice to protect online users against online fraud. The company protects 500 million users globally,and works with government organizations, large enterprises, SMEs, and private individuals across more than 150 countries.

      2. Partners with NJORD Law Firm. NJORD Law Firm is a leading full-service law firm with a strong presence in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Area.

      3. Partners with the Information Technology Institute of Riga Technical University.

      4. CryptoPolice and Ties.db partner up. Ties.db team is responsible for creating a Public network of nodes where anyone can join and contribute to the community.

      Feel free to ask me anytime, if you have any questions. I am really very interested in this platform, so will try to find answer for all your raised doubts.

  1. Randy Hilarski

    I am not a fan of such projects. As an Anarchist I believe it is up to the individual to safeguard their assets. Part of my learning curve in crypto was getting scammed. Now you would be hard pressed to be successful. People are lazy and relying on a group of people to tell you what is legit and what is criminal reminds of the problems we have in the offline world. Let the free markets sort it out.

    1. Yanika Post author


      that is why I guess some people like to rely mainly on themselves, others like to read, check third party info and rely on themselves as well, but there is third category of people, that want to pay/ buy for the ready product.

  2. Michael Todd

    Do you know about the $15 million theft of @thesuperiorcoin have you read the original thread on BitcoinTalk thesuperiorcoin.com ? Check who owns the domain and all other domains about this stolen coin. Thanks