So this is the one of the bigger moments people have been waiting for since the EOS mainnet first launched.  

Although some projects / dApps / BP’s are still distributing (via airdrop or claimdrop) ERC-20 tokens to ETH wallets, this marks first EOS token on the mainnet has been distributed to accounts.

It turns out it is from this account: (eosadddddddd) – the team is EOS ADD and they are currently dropping a 2:1 ratio.



The standby block producer EOS_SV (EOS Silicon Valley) mentioned on reddit, that they knew of the team and had this info-graphic to share: 


Just goes to show that this relatively unknown team, silently working in the background is also contributing to the EOS ecosystem. Hopefully this is the first of many, I’ll keep this post / comments updated with any pertinent material.


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  1. Kivanc Ilisulu

    From the beginning I don’t understand why they send the tokens to ETH address or why we see them on the ETH blockchain. If the project is on the EOS chain, airdrop should be to our EOS addresses. And now i see someone did this. At last 🙂 Thanks EOS ADD.
    From which site you see this airdrop?

    1. gengar

      This airdrop already happened, so you can view the airdrop transaction on your favorite EOS explorer website (I use by viewing your public address via the search.