So let’s make some calculations to understand profitability of EosCrash game and CRASH token in particular.

EosCrash dividends and ROI%

EosCrash dividends were paid on December 1st 12 AM UTC.

Total dividends amount — 6 155.55 EOS
Total tokens circulation — 7 195 998.4848 CRASH.
Payout amount — 8.5541 EOS per 10k CRASH.

To calculate CRASH ROI%, we should look at CRASH token price on Newdex.

Price last days was between 0.00488 and 0.00798 EOS per 1 CRASH.

Based on this price we can calculate ROI% for the first EosCrash dividends payment:

Payout amount per 10k CRASH / Price of 10k CRASH on Newdex
Min CRASH price: 8.5541 EOS / 48.8 EOS = 17.5% ROI
Max CRASH price: 8.5541 EOS / 79.8 EOS = 10.7% ROI

EosCrash first dividends accumulation begun Nov 13th and lasted for 18 days.

Therefore we can calculate daily ROI%:

Min CRASH price: 0.97% daily
Max CRASH price: 0.59% daily


Let’s benchmark with the TOP tokens.

We can compare CRASH daily and weekly ROI% with the most succeeded tokens: DICE and POKER.
According to comparison above we can see that CRASH ROI% is 2–3 times bigger than DICE and POKER for now.

We understand, that it is not fully truthful info, but the truth is somewhere close.

(all pictures are available in Medium)

EosCrash is trying to keep a balance between token price and dividends amount to hold ROI% at one level and stay clear for our holders.

We stick to the long term project strategy. Our project is opted for gradual rapid development and trying to avoid huge pumps and dumps. This strategy give us an opportunity to keep our dividends at one level and increase it evenly.

EosCrash team is working hard to meet our players and holders expectations of our project and trying to fully satisfy them.
Thank you for support and patience!

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