Hello friend, I am a  new friend on this platform, and someone who is ready to learn from you all and as well share informative post  with you. But first and foremost I will like to introduce myself.

My name is OLADEHINDE but you can address me as Optimistdehinde. I am a successful and professional insurance salesman of ten(10) years plus working experience with outstanding performance at both junior and senior level of management, a graduate of Business Administration, a master holder in Industrial and Personnel Relations, a Certified Human Resource Professional, and a certified manager.

A simple, calm, disciplined and highly principled personality, who believes that life is not just about living for oneself but by caring for others who are not privileged through making positive impact in their lives. Therefore, I try to encourage youth like me to make hay while the sun still shines especially in this their youthful stage.

An INCURABLE OPTIMIST who never sees impossibility in anything but always believe that there is an answer to every question only if one can look and search deep within oneself. And this is one of the reason why i joined this platform of champions.

I am passionate about music especially inspiring songs with educative lyrics. I love reading informative and inspiring write-ups

For me “ATTITUDE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FACT (Karl Meninger)” If your attitude is right then there is no door that you cannot open or have access to”

I always derives joy in making others happy. A goal-setter , a limit-breaker, a peace-maker, a pace-setter and a record breaker who delight so much in the attitude of EXCELLENCE. Excellence to me is paramount and achievable and also giving attention to details is cannot be overemphasize in anything I do.

I love meeting people and making them feel important and special anytime they are around me. I am pleasant to be with and I have a good sense of humor (maybe I can be pass for a comedian). A leader per excellence. A protegee to some and a mentor to many.

A loving father of three, two boys (Oluwanifemi and Oluwanimofifun) and a girl( Oluwanimofe), and a caring husband, a lover of GOD. I love animals most especially Dogs. Just call me a dog lover and I will be happy to answer you.

I love travelling and meeting people with an intention of making positive impacts in their lives. When you make impact in people’s lives that is when you are fulfilling purpose  and that’s my philosophy of life.

Thank you for taking out time to visit my blog page. You can also read more about me by here; https://whaleshares.io/@optimistdehinde and https://steemit.com/@optimistdehinde.  Watch out for more posts from me concerning various interesting topics.

HAPPY TO BE HERE ONCE AGAIN and get ready to ride with me to the moon. I am an INCURABLE OPTIMIST. Love you all.

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