A university or online study center has more advantages than anyone believes, such as the ability to attend classes, students can find a perfect balance between work and study, allows you to save and maximize your time, and no doubt the cost is much lower. than that of a physical university.

In addition, the education industry handles billions annually and large study houses have gradually implemented the method of teaching classes through web pages, but still require fixed hours in which students must connect. That is why we will look for several teachers for each course and all with different schedules so that the student has at least 3 opportunities to see the class on the day. And if that is not possible, we will work with the DataSave system in which all classes will be registered in our database so that they can be viewed and reviewed at any time.


SpecialCoin is the first online learning platform developed and operated in its entirety with blockchain plus technology that will operate with its own cryptocurrency (SPCC) to grant sustainability to the project.

Our project tries to be one of the pioneers of online education, since we developed a platform in which teachers and students can communicate in real time by chat, video calls, etc., with a database in which teachers can store content (videos, images or scripts) so that students can read them at any time and in any place. In addition, we will implement the ViewDevice technology that will allow the teacher to observe and control the students’ screen in real time.

This platform will gather all the attributes of a university or traditional study and combine them with Blockchain technology, its beta phase will be in the air in about 2 months, Our long-term goal is to innovate with careers and university courses that forge future professionals through the teaching of complementary careers to technology, for the beta phase, 4 courses will be taught. These courses will be:

1) Introduction to the Blockchain technology course: this is a course that will last between 35 and 50 days, with approximately 2 hours per day, and will be responsible for teaching the principles of blockchain technology. This will be dictated in the code (C #, C ++) to listen to the next one, it does not need previous knowledge of programming.

2) BlockChain advanced technology course: this course will last approximately 40 to 55 days with 2.5 hours per day, and will be responsible for the teaching of programming and programming based on blockchain technology such as (bifurcation of repositories, websites, design of portfolios and many other things) to listen to this course it is necessary to have an intermediate knowledge of languages such as (C, C ++) or to have listened to course number 1. “Introductory course to Blockchain technology”

3) Graphic design course: this course will last approximately 15 to 25 days, with 2 hours per day, and will be responsible for training and teaching programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop. In addition to teaching the basic principles of art, it will also exploit the creativity of all students.

4) Digital marketing course: this course will last approximately 10 to 20 days, with 1.5 hours per day, and will be responsible for teaching the basic principles of digital marketing, how to create brands and much more, it will also make you an expert in advertising in the main social networks

I am more than convinced that SpecialCoin together with the owners of MasterNodes will revolutionize the online education industry, and we will establish

a strong and prosperous currency. As all of us involved in this project, we firmly believe in the power of the Blockchain technology and all the transparency and discretion that characterizes it. Besides that it has been historically proven that betting on the future is the best investment of all, I am firmly convinced that in a couple of years online education will grow, due to the constant and rapid evolution of technology.

Invest and be part of the future with us, we firmly believe in our team of experts that include (developers, graphic designers, marketing graduate) we can make this project go to the top, we just need your support, join us and we promise you that you will multiply your investment in a few months.

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SpecialCoin Links

Website: http://specialcoin.cc/

WhitePaper: http://specialcoin.cc/assets/sp-whitepaper-v1.pdf

GitHub: https://github.com/Specialcoindev/SPCC-CORE

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Social Media

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Special-Coin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpecialCoin1


Linux: https://github.com/Specialcoindev/SPCC-CORE/releases/download/pre/linux.zip

MacOS: https://github.com/Specialcoindev/SPCC-CORE/releases/download/pre/Specialcoin-Qt.dmg

Windows 64 bits: https://github.com/Specialcoindev/SPCC-CORE/releases/download/pre/specialcoin-qt.exe


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