This is my first post on so be patience while you reading this post. First I would like to congratulation administrators and creates for and for this web-side. There are a lot of useful and good articles about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

The blockchain technology is one of the most important thing that our world need to have today. The features like transparency, decentralisation and speed of data transactions make this technology so important for our world.

Today the whole world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies are in initial phase of developing. This brings to us a lot of confusion and a lot of work for choosing and finding a quality blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Therefore the investing is very difficult because you do not know if the ICO or project is good or not or it’s like a scamm. My opinion is that would be better to have security ICOs and tokens, but not utility ICOs and tokens like we have today. This would lead to more transparent, reliable and more trusted system and brings new investments into blockchain and cryptocurrencies market.

I hope that blockchain technology would be developing in future and that all world regulatory and low systems would allow to develop blockchain technology.

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