As both a payer and a payee of child support I know first hand how easy it is for a payment or important forms to get lost in the system. The current methods are outdated, ineffective, and inefficient. Waste and overspending is rampant in this area of Government and can easily be fixed.

   Each week, bi-week, or month a payment is taken from a paycheck and sent to the receiving office. Sometimes up to eight to ten days later the payment is available to the payee and, if the proper procedures aren’t followed by employees, it can take months to get sorted out.

   For some children this is the only way to get the basics in life. Imagine these children waiting to eat because of a lost form or missing payment. This can now be a thing of the past. With a dAPP and Smart Contracts programmed in Solidity and run on the Helios Protocol, payments and paperwork can be put on the blockchain and set in virtual stone.

    What makes the decentralized Helios Protocol the perfect solution to the mess is the Blockchain 3.0 technology utilized by their network. This would allow every party in the Child Support system to have a personal, virtual wallet, where payments can be sent, received, and stored, on it’s own blockchain.

   Every wallet having it’s own blockchain will make every transaction ludicrously transparent and fast. The high-transaction throughput will keep fees low and is infinitely scalable. The throughput will raise indefinitely with each new wallet addition. It would make perfect sense for Child Support Services to use a dAPP with these available features. Time would not be spent searching for files and forms and records for hours each week.

   Security is a priority in this area and Helios Protocol does not disappoint. With each wallet being separate from every other wallet, a signature on every block is required in a wallets own chain making other chains unable to change this information. This level of security is necessary, especially for a government agency, to protect all parties involved.

This dAPP is just an example of what could be done with Helios Protocol’s top notch security, speed, and accountability. It is just an idea from someone who’s been there.

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