Here is the content I have done about the FlameInMind app. FlameInMind is an advanced tool for brainwaves and life force measurements. It is a very sophisticated biofeedback meditation app which allows to teach/learn how to generate specific brain wave frequencies. The app has an option to do electromagnetic field measurements – therefore, you can get fractal among the waves and successfully embed within your local field of energy. This software is a result of years of serious scientific researches and it works with EEG wireless brainwaves sensor – muse.

You can see below a link to one-pager which explains what the app is. I designed the web page as well as all the video-animations presented here and there in order to help spread the word about this wonderful software.  You can find over there links to the educational materials where you can find a solid explanation of the science which is behind the app:

This video nicely shows usability and advancement of the application. I have done the recording with has been used for the video during one of our scientific conferences in South France:

Here is another explanatory video – This one is a bit different – more meditative. You can understand the app better and get more useful details about the FlameInMind by watching this peaceful piece of great digital content. The video has a very nice and relaxing music in the background and it is designed extra for effortless but effective education:

In the third video, you can enjoy a dynamic scientific/spiritual flow of information which gives an even deeper sense of understanding of the app, and therefore wave science and life.  The highly inspirational take you see here is like a condensed sacred time of communion with the most advanced understanding of Space-Time. This is a very powerful and my favorite video-animation.


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