EOS has been over run with gambling dapps which now are struggling to have huge volumes like be for, which is great as we all not have way more CPU to burn on EOS Knights and other legit dapps. I came across this the other day and found it to be pretty fun. If you ever played Flappy birds on your phone you will know that its super hard and pretty addictive. This is pretty much the same thing but its a little easier or should i say a lot easier to play.

Best part is you can have 1 free try every 12 hours and win EOS if you place in the top rankings. You also earn their token FLB which you can get a dividend every 12 hours just for holding. ATM the daily volume is so low that you dont really win much or even get a dividend but you never know and its fun/free.

Personally im not a fan of gambling but i do like this they give you a free try and if you want to play more because your addicted or trying to beat my score second place atm 😉 on my cryptoslicex account you can pay. I know its technically a gambling dapp but at least they have tried to make a game of it that you will earn more if your skilled not just luck.

The only problem i found is that it didnt seem to work well on my phone it had lag which made it impossible to play. So i suggest playing on PC.

Have fun trying to beat my score :p feel free to use my reff link 🙂 HERE

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This is not professional financial advice please do your own research before making any investments.

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