The secret is not to run after butterflies. It is taking care of the garden for them to come to you!

(Mário Quintana)

Very wise words. If we want our garden or terrace to be visited by butterflies we learn to know which plants are preferred by these beautiful animals.

The butterflies will visit our garden and in this way we can observe them closely and learn to recognize them.

Observing them is therefore almost a gamble, especially in the city!

About the recognition of butterflies I point out that there is an App that can recognize the butterfly from a photograph: his name is ButterFlynder.

A butterfly lives on average 5-6 weeks, some few days and almost a year.

If we want our garden to be loved by butterflies it will have to contain both the so-called nursing plants and the nectarine plants.

The nursery plants are used to grow and grow the caterpillars, and for this our garden must contain these plants rosemary Aneto, the parsley, the thyme, the sage, fennel and lavender.

Instead we see some flowers that are particularly pleasing to butterflies because they provide them with nourishment ie so-called nectarine plantsthat are therefore able to attract butterflies in our terrace.

The Buddleja.

This bush is also called the butterfly plant or butterfly Bush: it is obviously one of the favorite of lepidopterans.

This plant blooms from the end of spring until autumn and produces flower spikes of lilac, purple or even white and are very popular with butterflies!


Dahlia among the bulbous flowers is one of the best known for its ease of cultivation, its availability and its remarkable variety and beauty.

Originating in Mexico loves warm and temperate climates and is suitable for cultivation both in pots and in the ground, but needs a fertile soil and rich watering.


“Tropaeolum majus” (garden nasturtium) is a flowering plant in the family Tropaeolaceae, originating in the Andes from Bolivia north to Colombia. It is widely cultivated, both as an ornamental plant and as a medicinal plant. Very easy to grow: i just planting the seeds (they look like grains of pepper) and soon sprout new plants. There are many varieties and colors orange, red and yellow are the most common colors of their flowers.


The lantana is a very hardy plant and easy to grow and very appreciated for its very special and very long flowering : starts to bloom in the spring until the end of autumn.

Its flowers, of many colors, ranging from white to red from pink to purple and some species change their color during flowering.

The plan of lantana can be a bush or creeping and its multiplication can be obtained by seed or cuttings (in August). For abundant blooms must be watered continuously in the summer and must be exposed in full light.


One of the typical flowers of this warm season is precisely the zinnia.

This flower is native to Mexico and Zinn was the biologist who first described its characteristics. This very rustic flower, suitable for warmer climates, is easy to grow and ensures long blooms from June to early autumn.

The zinnia has no fragrance but is very popular with butterflies and therefore, if you want to make a butterfly garden, this is a flower that should not be missing. There are about 20 species of this flower and its colors can range from white to yellow, pink or orange. The bicolor varieties are also very beautiful.



This is a perennial plant that belongs to the genus Matthiola and is easy to recognize because of its simple flower with four petals. Also known by the name of “cheiranto” or “hoary stock” or “tenweeks stock”, the violaciocca is a flower a little past fashion but can still be found in some city park where they form colorful bushes.

The butterflies are also attracted by the classic roses or daisies and gentian and many other flowers that we can choose for our garden for butterflies like the Viola, the hibiscus, the aster, the verbena, the thistle, the sweet pea and the lilac.

thanks for your time.

All photo are mine

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