If a student asks, “Will you improve your grades if you study hard from now on?”, What would you say? “Yes, of course.” If the person who is suffering from sperm because of pregnancy is asked “Would you like sperm if you try hard from now on?”

“of course”

The name of this project is “Healing for Ladies”. By the way, I am talking about the sperm of my husband till this 7th episode after thing that I do not give pregnancy 5th episode and is not necessarily pregnant, is it because it is a woman?

Why is this? Her role in pregnancy is considered to be less important. Some may read these articles and become more frustrated. My husband does not want to read this article at all and thinks it is useless to say it.

There are many husbands who are aware of the problem of pregnancy as a problem to be tackled together and want to make joint efforts. However, there are many husbands who are still blaming their wife for not having any problems. I hope that these articles will help a little while moving my husband. Of course, I believe my wife will try hard.

More important than preaching,

Prepare a good seed in the first place

Even if it seems obvious to me that I am the only one, I should not just live with my husband. Whatever the wife ‘s reproductive capacity, the husband has to prepare her husband. Of course, you can be pregnant without preparation. However, the quality of sperm made from optimal health and the quality of sperm made from fatigue and poisoning are exactly the same.

My sperm does not have the same genes. In the same body, there is strong seed, weak seed, whole seed, defective seed. A healthy seed comes out of a healthy body, and a healthy body comes out of a healthy life.

Men are also six months old

I need to get pregnant.

If you do not smoke a cigarette and live right today, it does not mean that you have a good sperm tonight. A man’s sperm is not made in a day.

Sperm from the spermatogonium in the testis are transformed into primary spermatids, secondary spermatids, and round spermatids, which then mature into tadpoles. This process takes about 74 days, and it takes another 2-3 weeks for the sperm to move to the epididymis and get reproductive ability and mobility. In other words, it takes about three months for sperm with fertility to be produced.

Therefore, the sperm coming out today is the sperm that has been made for three months.

If the physical condition was not so good three months ago, then the spermatogonium, the ancestor of the sperm that was created at that time, would not be too good. That is why my husband wants to improve his lifestyle and health care six months before his pregnancy. To make the best sperm.

What should I do? I have my own two-year-old together for a lifetime.

Teaching is important, and education is important later on, but if you start with good seeds in the first place, the results will vary. I want to say that it is a gold mine more important than gold mulberry. Your child’s brain, health, and future may depend on what sperm and father prepare some sperm and eggs. There may be a lot of quote later after not being prepared. I have to go to the hospital and send a lot of academies.

Both husband and wife

It’s not a real one.

It is the parent holding the future child. Responsibility has already begun. Let’s present a gene that is superior to a child.

Have you learned how to do it?

Have you ever heard that your husband’s sperm condition is bad and natural pregnancy is difficult? Have you heard that in vitro fertilization (in vitro) should not just be done and should be done with fine-tuning (ICSI)? But what have you learned about how you can improve your sperm? It does not mean that you only give out sperm. If the sperm DNA is not fully transferred, the embryo may not develop fully. Do not just think of it as “Ding”.

I will show you how to make your sperm strong for the next three sessions. First of all, this session deals with “what to eat”. If you talk briefly, I will give you a scholarly rationale and talk about it. Please take a look at the contents of the well-known journals, not the claims of one doctor.

1. Let’s eat seeds and nuts – walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds

Dr. Wendy Robbins of the University of UCLA’s University divided 117 healthy men into two groups, one group allowed to eat ordinary western meals and another group added 75 grams of walnuts (walnuts 75 g = walnuts 5-7 dog). The sperm of men who ate walnuts for 12 weeks were better.

See the table below. The walnut group showed a higher proportion of sperm with consentration, live vitality, sperm motility and normal morphology, while the ratio of sperm with abnormal chromosomal aberrations Has decreased.

The researchers found that omega-3 fatty acids were prone to lacking in the usual American diet, as the walnuts filled it. Walnuts contain saturated fatty acids as well as omega-6, but omega-3 (alpha linolenic acid) is the most abundant in nuts. And a variety of polyphenols, including gamma-tocopherol, a type of vitamin E in walnuts, can help prevent sperm oxidation.

But be careful about the walnuts that have been left for more than a few months. In the long term, the fat is soddened and becomes lipid peroxidation, and if the walnut molds, toxic toxins such as aflatoxin are produced.

Walnuts are scarred and the color of the mold is whitish, so molds are often not detected properly. I said that I would eat good things well, but I can not imagine that it would ruin the liver because of moldy walnuts. Even though the walnuts are annoying, it is best to eat them at that time. Please prepare one nutcracker.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seed is also good. Do not eat hamburger or sunflower. Vitamin E and selenium, rich in sunflower seeds, are powerful antioxidants that prevent damage to sperm DNA and help maintain sperm shape. Especially, the minerals called selenium are not synthesized in your body. You have to eat more than 50μg of food a day. If you eat 100g of sunflower seeds, you will get 53μg of selenium (US USDA data).

Pumpkin seed

Pumpkin seed is also good. Pumpkin seeds also have an antioxidant effect that protects sperm. Plant sterols, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and zinc also play an important role in making semen quality and male hormones. The arginine in pumpkin seeds can help prevent sperm oxidation and help to produce energy. In the journal of Andrologia in 2013, we published the results of feeding pumpkin seed extract to rats.

Cyclophosphamide (CP), a toxic anticancer drug, was given to rats to reduce the reproductive ability of mice and to feed pumpkin seed extract. Group 3 (CP + P300) and Group 4 (CP + P600) received a single dose of the anticancer drug, while Group 1 (control, control) I gave pumpkin seed extract for 6 weeks. The results are shown in the following table.

The results were amazing. Spermatozoa of rats fed poisonous seed extracts with toxic anticancer drugs showed better sperm counts than rats given anticancer drugs and rats not treated with anticancer drugs. Sperm count, activity, viability and appearance all improved. It is unbelievable that pumpkin seeds have improved the quality of sperm beyond the level of protecting sperm from poisons.

To make a good seed

Eat seed

It seems to be a simple idea, but it contains the essence of nature. Of course, not all seeds are good. Apple cedar also contains cyanide which is a component of cyanide. So we have not eaten apples since our ancestors. If you have eaten well since your ancestors, most of them are okay, and please enjoy the kind of seeds. Now let’s go to the man’s snack with walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds. You only need one handful per day. I can go to the mart. Let’s not look at sweets and bread.

Let’s enjoy berries.

Small, colorful fruits are called berries. Blueberries, Asahi berry and cranberries are foreign berry, and there are many berries in Korea. Raspberries, which are called bokbunja, are mulberries.

Berry fruit with a dark color is rich in anthocyanins flavonoids, which are highly antioxidant. Oxidative stress caused by excess reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the body can damage the membranes of the sperm, damage the DNA in the sperm, and damage the shape of the sperm. Berry can do the trick to stop this problem. The frozen blueberries that were cultivated without pesticides or the frozen ones were on the mart. Please eat about one cup every day.

Red Rawberry (Raspberry), Blue Gun, Blueberry, Black Gun (Mulberry)


In oriental medicine, many kinds of seeds and small fruit are appeared in the prescription which is mainly used for the man who is in labor. Goji, bokbunja, omija, mountain oil, and tosaja. Like the pumpkin seed experiment mentioned above, there was an Omija study for rats. When rats were given cyclophosphamide, an anticancer drug, every week, testicles became smaller, the number and mobility of sperm became lower, and male hormone levels dropped.

In contrast, mice treated with Omija significantly increased the number and motility of sperm, increased levels of male hormone, and the mice that received Omija and anticancer drugs showed better sperm protection than rats that received only chemotherapy It appeared.



Sansui is well known for its “good for men” and is also good for sperm. It is a medicinal herb that has been really used as a man’s medicine in Oriental medicine. Although it is too long to explain in detail, studies have shown that spermatozoa, an ancestral cell of the sperm, inhibits cellular oxidation when treated with spermatozoa, and studies have shown that the spermatolai extract promotes the activity of human sperm

You can also use a combination of omija, gugija, mountain oil, bokbunja, and humanoid. These five medicines have been the most frequently used medicines for the treatment of male infertility in oriental medicine. Researchers at the Catholic University of Medicine and the Korean Institute of Traditional Medicine have conducted experiments to find out whether the combination of these medicinal products has an effect on sperm. As a result, it has been found to improve both the number and activity of sperm and has been published in the “World Men’s Health Journal”.

Sperm improvement effect of 5 medicines

There are some people who drink Omija or bokbunja, but I do not want to recommend it if it is in sugar. Sugar is not good for your health. Omiza, kjigi, corn syrup, bokbunja, and tobacco can not be chewed like fruit, but you can drink with concern by car. Of course, it is better to use the medicine prescribed by the Oriental medicine accurately, but it is enough to drink in a small amount by 1g at home. The name of the car containing the five ingredients is “Gangjeong tea”.

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