I created a website for people to gather as many free tokens as possible using this website http://freeairdroptokens.com I curate this website personally and make sure that none of the airdrops listed on this website are fakes or scams. I have already received a lot of tokens with this and I hope I can help you guys get some tokens as well! Please support your fellow Trybe member by sharing this website with friends and family and hope all of us can make some tokens!

For most of these airdrops, you will need an Ethereum wallet. You can sign up for one at https://www.myetherwallet.com/ or use other popular ones of your choice. The best one of course is if you get a hardware wallet like Trezor. Most of these sites need you to do the following two at the minimum

1> Follow them on Twitter – so you need to create and have a Twitter account.

2> Join their Telegram groups. Participation is optional but it would be great if you did as you will learn more about the project etc.

Sometimes they also ask you to join their Facebook, Medium, Bitcointalk etc platforms and it would just be an additional bonus if you can join them.

But please make sure to grab all your free tokens from http://freeairdroptokens.com/ I keep updating the site everyday and I have received a lot of tokens so far from these sites. This is the purest version of decentralization. If we all sign up for these tokens and start trading them, it will help the company and we can in turn make a lot of money. As you guys are aware, the value of these cryptos are only going to go up in the future as the technology materializes so I hope we can all get our free tokens which would hopefully soon lead us to financial independence!

Also, I would request you guys to share the site with your friends and family. We’re all in this together and hope we can all make some tokens/money!

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