FREE EOS! Yes and Free DICE tokens!

DappRadar( has rated BetDice ( as the number 2 Decentralized Application (DAPP) on the EOS blockchain and it is the number rated gambling DAPP site.

For those with EOS accounts, you can claim 1000 Dice tokens when you log in with your Scatter identity. You can play a simple betting game where you bet whether a dice roll will be under a certain number (eg. below 51) will give you a 50% chance of winning. You can slide the bar all the way up to 96 and that will give you a 95% chance of winning but the pay out is 1.036X your bet. You can bet with EOS or with DICE tokens, and in the future there will be implement more currencies and games. There is a new feature called “Luck Draw” that acts like a EOS faucet and you can claim 0.0005 to 50 EOS based on a lottery. And you can hit this button every hour!

If you play with EOS they will give you 100 DICE tokens for every EOS you bet. They are trying to add DICE tokens listed on an exchange, but we don’t know what value they have as of yet. If you want to have some fun testing out your luck you can just play with the 1000 DICE tokens they give you. But you can also keep these DICE tokens as in the future they will give dividends to DICE token holders.  At the moment there is no house advantage when you play with DICE tokens.  If you play with EOS the odds are better than most casinos, but please remember there is small house advantage, and in the long run, the house always wins. So please gamble responsibly!

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  1. Matt -

    Hi Ian! I did push this article although we are having issues with the first image loading. Are you able to try to fix it by attempting to load the image through the upload button. I did try to do it myself but was unable too. If you edit it and just use the upload, it should work fine. I like EOS Bet and wanted to see this get through. Thanks! any questions drop me a line in telegram.

  2. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian Post author

    Why the low votes? I though that Trybe users would want to know about the first EOS “faucet”. I hope it isn’t because I made a similar post on Steemit? I assumed that you can re-post stuff since you can re-translate other posts. I have read the rules of posting here:
    If you can’t repost (i actually added more to my Trybe post) please let me know as I want to contribute without getting dinged.