If you are like me and have been buying into multiple cryptos, platforms and projects you quickly find yourself checking prices, checking apps, refreshing websites, claiming dividends, transfering funds and refreshing them all constantly to keep on top of everything. The constant checking goes on all day and even sneaking looks at night!

To get your thinking time back and have more free time, I recommend everyone should have a ‘Crypto Operations Checklist’. The purpose of this is to list all the actions you keep repeating, and how often they need to happen. Once everything is listed, it becomes easy to see if you need to do it once a day, or once a week and so on.

A simple template of a crypto operations checklist is shown below:

Daily Tasks

These are things that you should check every day, however checking them more than once every day is never really necessary. Good examples for daily checks are ensuring mining rigs are still running, check masternodes are running and claiming any rewards.

Weekly Tasks

With the begining of all the DAPPs that offer dividend payments, many are claimed weekly so you don’t need to check them each day. Claim them once a week and forget about it until next week. Another good weekly task is to run a malware scan if you use a desktop PC.

Monthly Tasks

Monthly checks should include things like checking if bills are due so you don’t lose internet or power that would interupt everything else. Another good habit to do monthly is review your security. Look at hardening any weaker passwords, change important passwords and check you have backups of private keys.

If you want to be more meticulous, you can check off items off each day. Personally I don’t want the extra work so I just view my chceklist and run through it each day. I hope this helps you free up some time for doing more of the fun things in life.

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