The Crypto money industry has come a long way with Bitcoin celebrating his ten-year anniversary. However, despite the big steps taken, a problem continues to infect the sector: crypto fraud activities. He believes he can solve this problem, and is willing to help rid himself of the fraud that has plagued the crypto industry. In an article published today, the world’s second largest stock exchange, with decades of experience controlling all markets, can also help suppress fraudulent activities in the cryptographic industry.

Cryptographic fraud activities are being extracted from the industry

Founded in 1971, Nasdaq has over 40 years of experience in policing markets. In an article published on November 1, the company developed tools that followed hundreds of markets, from securities to currencies. The Nasdaq uses these tools to recover from fraud in the crypto industry, keeping many institutional investors in the Gulf.

This article outlines some of the challenges facing the Krypto money market and Nasdaq’s ability to extract fraud. The crypto market has been criticized for these fraud incidents. Regulators, brokers, and stock exchanges have teams of surveillance teams that actively monitor and monitor continuously and advanced technologies to help capture and analyze malicious behavior, including pump and dump schemes, insider trading, washing trade, as well as fraud and layering.

Nasdaq expects the market to mature before entering the sector

The Nasdaq, Crypto, is getting pretty hot on the money. The company’s CEO, Adena Friedman, said earlier this year that they would even consider turning into a future Crypto currency exchange. Speaking in April, Friedman said he expects the sector to mature just before he plunged his toes into the crypto waters.

Nasdaq began to implement market surveillance technology in the crypto industry with Gemini Stock Exchange. The stock market, owned by Winklevoss brothers, has entered into an agreement with Nasdaq in April to implement SMARTS Market Survival Technology to monitor its platform. At the time, NASDAQ demonstrated its partnership as a sign of its commitment to “expand market technology to non-traditional markets and to new limits beyond capital markets”.

Market manipulation can be eliminated with Nasdaq’s technology

The Nasdaq has received many offers to collaborate with crypto markets, said Tony Sio, the company’s Change Manager.:

Now we’re on both sides. We will not work with all of these companies, because many of them are not yet at an early stage or respected.

The Battle of the crypto industry on the subject of market manipulation can be eliminated by Nasdaq’s technology. Manipulation has come up in many cases involving the use of a stablecoin Tether. Various researchers and academics have observed data showing the close relationship between Bitcoin’s price and the release of new tethering tokens. The Bittonex Stock Exchange, which shares the management with Tether, has also been widely involved in these claims. Bot trading is also accused of market manipulation through tactics such as trading in the market and counterfeiting. Although such activities on the stock market may be illegal and punishable, some traders clearly state that they use these methods in the cryptography process.

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