Hi folks,

I´m Arzon Cnaster, a writer, gamer, spare time cook and weirdo from germany. So please don´t pay attention to my bad english.

Cryptos weren’t a thing in my life until a year ago when i read an article about that crazy stuff called bitcoin going to the moon at that time. At first i wasn’t very interested in it but everyone of my buddies was talking abt in some way or another. Some guys said that, this will be one of the biggest revolutions since the invention of the internet itself. Others weren’t that enthusiastic. Most of them appealed to be careful because they got burned in the first Internet-economy-bubble back in the day. Totally understandable from a certain perspective. Keeping yourself running behind the innovations and technical progressions of our species isn’t my way of thinking.

Sure, i´m kinda annoyed by the constant smartphone use 24/7, even toddlers play around with them(mostly because parents might think that those things just replace their favorite parenting method of letting the kids watch too much TV) but it´s the way we handle that kind of things. Teaching them AND us how-to is a very important matter. It´s a thing and to a certain degree we have to level ourselfs to those inventions, discoveries and advances we are making today. And Cryptocurrency is one of these technologies that have really the potential to be disruptive for a lot of industries.

That´s why i began to stuck my nose into the virtual money trading world. I read a little bit abt the first bitcoin millionaires and came across the other coins in use. Watched the few reliable documentaries out there, checked lists of shops accepting crypto as payment and searched for newssites about cryptocurrency. My first thought was: »Damn, that stuff is very vital.« Somehow, Somewhere i stumbled across a mentioning of steemit.com and i think most of you here on TRYBE are familiar with the concept of steem, so i don´t dive further into that. As an author i was, still am, happy to have a platform to expand my reach for my stories(and other stuff going through my head)

For artists the concept of the blockchain and earning direct revenue through crypto could be a way more stable way to secure the payment of all the necessary bills everyone of us has to pay. It can also secure your art because once published on the blockchain you can always prove that your art is yours. This is very good for us artists. Useful technology like this will make life easier and better for us. The challenges artists face with publishing on the blockchain will differ from the ones dealing with the offline market. Normally, you create your art, look for someone to publish it, wether it´s painting, writing, moviemaking or anything else you put your blood and heart into and get some money for your time and energy.

Getting paid 1-2 dollars for one book sold … those times are over. Selfpublishing via blockchain is the future for me. Sure, cutting out the middleman means also taking new challenges like cover creating, promoting yourself and finding an audience but it can also reward us for taking that challenge. And this is good. It means you have to be learning and not relying on some old stuff you may or may not have learned in school years and years ago. This will keep your mind fresh and forces you to leave your comfy chair.

I´m not a big trader, nor have i understand everything about crypto but like many of you i´m doing my best to learn more and make good use of it for the future.

Crypto and blockchain will grow.

And we will grow with it.

Thanks for your time. Have a nice day.


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  1. Arzon-Cnaster Post author

    Yes, lets work to make it a successful platform for all of us.
    When i made the meme i didn´t reconize that it wasn´t a tree sprouting. it´s some kind of flower.
    But the message should get the point across, right?