This tune is included in our 3rd album ‘Adaptation’ (2018). Hope you enjoy listening and If you have trouble listening on dsound you can listen on the following platforms:



You can find us in the following links too:



More about Downward Spiral Mantra:

Downward Spiral Mantra is an electronic project from Madrid, Spain that began early 2017, The main producer and multi-instrumentalist is Dave Navarro but counts with collaboration work with people such as Keyzer Soze , Juxta, Gjart , Nostos, Mike Ant, Kimmo Matakainen (Telemacho) and upcoming bands such as Tikala and The Curious Lingams as in their second album Overdrive.

The band is open to every genre as it can be seen in their debut self-titled album Downward Spiral Mantra, despite being mainly an electronic act with focus on progressive trance, hard trance, and Techno we can find Psychdelic Rock touches as well as Industrial and EBM sounds and experimental tracks. Downward Spiral Mantra also collaborates in side projects mainly industrial and metal that will be released in the near future . The group owes its sound to bands such as Death in Vegas, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, The Cult, Curve, Pink Floyd, and also to Electronic and Industrial music from its beginnings from Kraftwerk to Air, EBM and post industrial Rock, Nitzer EBB or Front 242, Front Line Assembly, And One or Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Sisters of Mercy, Oscar Mulero, Stanislav Tolkachev, Christian Wünsch and Art of Trance amongst others…..

Downward Spiral Mantra has released to this time three LPs , the self-titled more experimental Downward Spiral mantra (2017), Overdrive (2017) and the last album Adaptation (2018) . Downward Spiral Mantra main themes explores the dark and light undertones on human nature and all the extremes inherent to it, trying to recreate them in the sound sphere.

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    1. Dave N Post author

      Well I play several instruments and i bet you do not you just write comments without thinking…most likely you are the kind of wise ass that think he is too clever and spend his time writing his useless opinions that nobody gives a shit behind a computer screen….the day you play as many instruments as myself and learn how to create music call me \m/ until then keep on writing shit articles…..good luck ;D

      1. TRUTH(@i-am)

        piano, cello, guitar, bass, some percussion…. no, I don’t play anything. Sorry, didn’t mean to “offend”, just miss the old days or hearing actual instruments. If that was live drumming then I apologize, just didn’t sound live to me, sounded like loops.

        If you want to hear me playing , then you can listen to my last post. Feel free to make comments! I have 2 posted actually, both created recorded and mixed in under 2 hours. And yes I play all the instruments.

        Again, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to offend, just calling it as I heard it.

        1. Dave N Post author

          Well apology accepted, and the fact that electronic music, is made by using first a keyboard and computer software and a musician (music knowledge behind) doesn’t make it less music than any other….The debate of what is art and what is not is subjective as human opinions are, I studied music all my life and i play classical and electric guitar, bass , piano and drums and other percussion types and accordion, i enjoy from classical music to world music as i believe that variety is the spice of life……I have played with bands of my life and used all different types of instruments and recording techniques and I would never in my own humility dismiss any kind of musician just because he uses new or old technology to do it…..The most important and famous songs in Pop and Rock are made using 4 or 5 chords looped by strumming the chords and then in many cases filtered through electronic devices to make it sound more interesting…..and electronic music works in the same pattern instead of strumming four easy chords you press chords in a keyboard and you obtain melodies that work for you and what you want to create….Dismissing electronic music on the basis that is made using different techniques will then take people like Mike Oldfield, Brian Eno, Trent Reznor, AL Jourgensen, Kraftwerk, and thousands of others to the level of non musicians and in my honest opinion these are masters of not just music but of new technologies….If Jimi Hendrix wouldn’t have used electronic innovation we would never have electric ladyland made, if Pink Floyd would have never used samplers and loopd we would never have sound like the one In the Dark Side of the moon….The voyage from Tribal music, to classical music to Pop/rock era to the electronic music era is a natural develeopment and progress of human beings, to me all of them are musicians even music that i do not like that much like trap or some rap, all those are using looped music and i believe…

          1. Dave N Post author

            they are as much musicians as myself, music is not just knowing how to play music hides behind many other things, art, feelings ideas, social construct, politics, the unconscious and the subconscious………For a person with a nickname called TRUTH I AM….I seriously think that you then have a long way to know the truth…but do not worry time, travelling reflection and study cure all kinds of short sightedness….and even so with this argument I will still respect your opinion cause you are free to think and feel any way you like so wrong for me to have said you have shitty opinions i just guessed coming from a person called TRUTH I AM that musicians are not just what you think is usually how they see themselves they do not need anyone to come and tell them if they are or not they already know…..