It has been 48+ hours of no TRYBE app, members trying to vote and work, how crap,

TRYBE Developers, worked throughout, thank you for resolving this hack, we are back,

Seems the site is leaner, and faster now, and looking amazing, to you we bow,

We as a TRYBE member, lost tokens and posts too, this we will always remember,

All our hard work for a post, and articles and not to forget the odd poem, now lost,

No major loss, as the TRYBE team decided that we will be compensated, says the “boss”,

To those hackers, that steal from hard earners, and workers, in the end you will feel,

One day you will be caught, if you do the crime, remember you will eventually do the time,

You f….s, you will get what you deserve, on a platter I’m sure as time you will serve,

Behind bars, and not the pleasurable one for a drink, but the other, bent over a sink,

Picking up soap for your new favourite friend, known as “Baba”, then you try and cope,

TRYBE members don’t be disheartened by this disgusting sin; continue as we do, we will win,

So the rest of this poem is now padded with swear words, so if sensitive, sorry, it’s my best,

Just joking, I won’t ever swear on TRYBE, it’s not good for the kids and the fantastic vibe,

To those hack sh!tters, no I won’t stop calling you that, that’s what you are, you evil critters,

Get a real job, like a normal hard earning person, is that all you know or do, from people rob,

Now to all my member friends, strangers my mother told me not to talk to, admin, and devs.,

Keep up the amazing work, and don’t let these hackers discourage you from investing and achieving.

The end for this poem – and the hackers too.

Mark (Zeus69)

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    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Good morning Workin, thanks for reading bud, been frustrating this hack, haven’t really had a chance to read and do much, I’m still a bit unsure of the stability at the moment s o scared to do too much on the site at the moment. On course the next few days but will try play catch up soon.
      Mark (Zeus69)