The number of assignments and work, of course, will make us feel tired and need rest. Rest is the best way to get rid of fatigue. But, what if your work and duties actually make you feel bored and stressed?! Rest may not be able to eliminate it.

For some people, stress can be eliminated by certain methods, such as hanging out with friends, watching movies, or playing games. Well, the last point, playing a game, that might eliminate boredom, I don’t know, because different people have different ways.

Playing games for a while is not a problem, the problem is when you are addicted to the game. I have a bitter experience about it, a few years ago, I was addicted to playing Point Blank, the game made me forget the time, forget everything. The real world becomes unreal, and the exciting war I play become the sole purpose of life. Really? Purpose of life?! LOL

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It’s Like a Disease Outbreak

A few years ago, we might still use a PC / laptop that is supported by internet speed to play online games. But now, games are easily accessible via smartphone, and I find a lot of irregularities with humans sitting in the wifi area. Of course with a smartphone in their hands.

Up to this point, I have been able to see about the epidemic of games, it can be more severe than the plague of pornography that attacks the world through digital devices. Maybe, to access pornography, we will access it in secret and at certain times, and it’s impossible for us to watch porn in front of many people. But the game? The danger of the game exceeds that.

In Indonesia, the outbreak of games that attack teenagers and children is a concern for parents, especially when a game requires money to play it, buy weapons, armor or something. I have not seen the country making regulations to these impact for gamers. Gamers play it nonstop, without considering the time.

Negative Impact

  • Ignoring the real world (less socialized)
  • Young people, even adults can be killed due to playing games
  • Game addiction also triggers crime

WHO (World Health Organization) has recorded a variety of bad cases in the world caused by games. WHO has also issued an ICD-11 document on June 18, 2018, health workers use the document to categorize various diseases and health conditions, including one of them, is online gaming addiction (6C51 Gaming disorder). (data credit:

Positive Impact

Although there are many negative effects caused by the game, that does not mean there is no positive impact. I actually practiced reading, recognizing colors and types of animals to my 4-year-old child through games. I installed the educative game on my smartphone.

credit: youtube

Okay, friends, what do you think about games, can it have a positive or negative impact, what percentage? Please give a comment, let’s make Trybe a platform that is beneficial for everyone. We build it from every best article. Thanks

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  1. Julia Williams

    Yes dear friend addiction of anything is very bad, once my little brother looses his exams due to the game addiction and it’s also impact drastically to our health, good article and I will refer it to some parents.
    Five e Star rating for your efforts.

    With love and respect ✊

  2. James Diegel

    I really like this Mawardi… and yes, gaming (and technology in general) can have some positive uses… I always wondered about those that say this or that is bad… its not the thing that is bad, but rather the way the thing is used. Nice post 🙂