Clash of Clans is a strategy genre game developed by Supercell for Android and iOS-based mobile devices. This game often occupies the top 10 as the top grossing game in the App Store and recently, the Clash of Clans has entered the Android market on Google Play. Gamers can download this game for free and it takes an internet connection to play this game.

This game tells about the battle between the village and the other villages, each player will be the leader of each village of his own, the leader must be able to build a village and train his troops to be stronger to fight other villages.

In building villages and troop strength, gamers need Elixir and Gold. Elixir is used as a medium of exchange in developing troops, upgrading buildings and buying village decorations. Likewise with Gold, whose function is not much different from Elixir, but there are several items or activities that must use Gold to run it. Besides Elixir and Gold, gamers can use Gem as a premium exchange tool to buy premium items at the shop and speed up the village development process. The gem can be obtained from completing a mission or buying it with a credit card.

Clash of the clan (COC) provides very challenging battles, gamers can carry out missions, build villages, increase troop levels, attack opponent bases and seize various resources.

like: elixir, gold, and black elixir.

Elixir uses to build gold storage sites, increase storage of black elixirs, raise Barack level forces, build spells, build laboratories, build gold mines, build elixir mines, build elixir storage sites, and increase troop levels.

The use of gold to build war defenses, such as Mariam, archer tower, wizard tower, mechanic, air defense, hidden tesla, arc x, inferno, bomb tower, air sweeper, air bomb, giant bombs, bombs, spring traps, behind traps, build clans and increase the fence to be stronger than the opponent’s attack.

The use of black elixir to build black Barack, increase the barbarian king, increase the archer queen, and increase the black forces.

At the beginning of the game, gamers can only train Barbarians. Other soldiers will appear after the barrack level increases. There are limits to the number of soldiers who can train, depending on the level of the building they have. After being used in battle, soldiers will disappear and gamers must make more soldiers on barrack. Therefore, use soldiers to fight wisely so as not to finish off Elixir.

To make the village strong, gamers can buy the equipment needed at the shop. There are 6 types of items sold in the shop namely Treasure which contains Gem that can be obtained with a credit card, Resource is a building to get and store Elixir, Decoration as a village decoration, Army contains buildings to strengthen troops, Defense is a building to protect the village from the opponent’s attack and the Shield whose function is to make the opponent unable to attack the village-owned for some time.

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