Playing alongside Platinum Games, Ninja Theory really deserves to be named, which is one of the developers of action games together with lunge that is not necessary to doubt first. Gamers who already own the Playstation 3 seem to deepen its name through Heavenly Sword who graduated stealing the heart of the moment. Not as short as he knew he was through a Devil May Cry reboot project on the DmC project that had taken his opinion due to a change of important fiat form – Dante who drastically graduated at the time. now they are after some suspended tips. The updated project – Hellblade: The Senua Sacrifice Result becomes simple for the market.

Because this is their first project as an indie developer. This means, Ninja Theory is determined not to drag publishers at all and encourage launcing this action game with the initial pocket of their personal single. While in another corner, they add ambition to push the AAA game quality out of it through the unrealized implementation of Unreal Engine 4.

Hellblade’s creative release is not with publisher intervention manifested in a single theme that is less touched by a single company game. one of the finished games makes you question the problem the truth is solo. a game that is increasingly capable of making you unable to continue but what is real or not.


Hellblade can take you into the one-person aspect of a woman’s life attitude in a previous Nordic civilization – Senua. one enlisted man with the ability of the outer sword to take what he deserves.

Inspired sourced so that not a few narrative difficulties that adorn the mythology not only Greece, although added Norse in the first season, Senua is still rich in his holy mission to challenge and match his properties. Unable to grasp the fact that his lover – Dillion is not repetitive to touch, smell, and punish, Senua punishes to take it and keep it from the ruler of Helheim (hell in Norse) Hela. Sufficient to complete the view of life that Senua made, now can not remain the same. Equipped with swords, goals, and demands for him, he finished fighting the mist and mair to one name – Dillion.

Of course, this trip is not easy. as one of the defenders in the field who, moreover the men, were cut off by other Norse gods, Helheim and Hela became impossible destinations. In addition to being able to access the gates to the tangled hell, Senua had to compete with the other two gods that guarded him – Surt fired and Valravn for illusions. not only that, the wicked beast who settled in the middle of the night nearby will also stop Senua’s journey. But for the result, Senua continues to have big challenges before he is able to bring Dillion.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is an indie game, in the sense of being unsupported by the large publisher money standing behind it. But such a position does not necessarily make the Ninja Theory has no ambition and commitment to make it as a action game together approaching AAA games that we currently know. the cornerstone of the decomposition he offers. unlike the usual indie games that attack to rely on 8 or 16 bit pixel depiction, they rely on Unreal Engine 4 which is the base. determination and dedication Ninja Theory is accepted to create Hellblade: The Sacrifice of Senua shows awesome teeth.

The quality of Unreal Engine 4 is supported by the effort of movement and catching the right fit to produce a game that is not only laksmi while being able to project emotions together harmoniously add it to make the personality Senua has idiosyncratic idiosyncrasies as human not only the absolute behavior with no feeling can only shoot the monster or enemy submitted to him.

The department built by Ninja Theory as a battlefield “for Senua still deserves a single appeal.His trip to get rid of the hellish lover led him in and across so many spaces that pinched the forest’s neck, swamp, ruins with stagnant, complex water, generally associated with the vi-sual risks that create the trips and games that you should be experiencing dramatically.

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  1. Zeus69

    Looks like a great game, unfortunately I dont play games, due to time, and also lack of interest, but I think its a great share for the many gamers around. Well written my friend, great for TRYBE.
    Mark (Zeus69)