Ever since the launch of the EOS mainnet we were all wondering what would emerge as the killer app. Well it certainly looks like it won’t be IQ or Karma. It will be gaming with online casino on the EOS blockchain.

EosBet started the trend and for weeks was the buzz on Eos reddit touting the huge transaction volume and the top position on Dapp Radar. They were soon followed by copycats as much of the code was open source. Those who missed the chance to get in early on their token airdrop must really have been disappointed that they have missed the opportunity. However here is another chance. BetDice is probably an even more professional EOS casino startup and they are airdropping at a ration of 100 to every 1 Eos bet.

Ever since online casinos started out, they have been unable make any impact on the mainstream casinos industry. It was difficult for them to sign on new customers, while both banks and regulatory authorities conspired to curtail or shut down their operations. EOS casinos may just turn the tables.


Total number of DICE tokens : 8.8 billion. This is 10 times the number of EosBet tokens (88 million). They are airdropping 50% (4.4 billion) to customers at 100 for every 1 Eos, to be reduced by half after every 5% issued. So the first 220 million will be airdropped at 100 to 1.

There was an ICO for 20% of the tokens and this was suppose to last 7 days. All the tokens were snapped up within the first 2 days. This gave them the capital to fund the operations as they needed a large bankroll to cater to whales who normally account for 80% of the volume gambled.

For those who missed the token sale, the next best is to take advantage of the 100 : 1 airdrop before it drops to 50 : 1 after 220 million issued. Perhaps this is why BetDice have shot to the number 2 spot on Dapp Radar with over 2300 users. This is 4 times the number of users on EosBet.

BetDice to me appears to be a very professional team and operation. They seem like a professional online casino operation moving into the EOS casino platform. Their User Interface is slick and fast. Their rollout is well thought out and their roadmap is well defined. This is very much in contrast to EosBet who I felt were feeling their way, fixing bugs and issues as they encountered them. They even give away 0.0005 Eos every hour in a draw for visiting their site. The only damper on adoption is the requirement to have an Eos and Scatter installed.

Online casinos have come of age with the EOS casino platform. This industry will absolutely take off to dominate the online gaming industry already predicted to reach 60 billon dollars in 2020. Eos casinos will push that figure well beyond that and in the process may just be the killer dapp that will take EOS mainstream. Streaming porn can’t be too far behind!

For more details their whitepaper can be found here.

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  1. Infosion

    Thanks for your thoughts!
    I agree, BetDice looks and works allready pretty nice. Also I like the “Lucky Draw” which is a good way of spreaiding the profit to the community and attracting new users I think.
    I think you’re also right about the big future potential. Because of anonymity theres probably a great future for gambling apps on the blockchain I guess.
    If you like it or not, gambling is probably a market that will allways be realtively big and important.