To avoid clogging Trybe with poor-quality articles made just to publish a referral link, I thought about doing something useful: an article that lists all of EOS DAPPs that generate passive income through staking, referrals, and dividends. There are so many, I have selected some of the most famous and will update the list from time to time if necessary. Obviously this list is full of my referrals… 😀

The basic idea is to keep ownership of our funds and gain long-term by making them generate a continuous stream of income without the need for us to do anything, or with minimum effort. To achieve this, we will focus on three main methods often combined together:


In the EOS world, staking is the most common method to generate value as in rights, services, or tokens. If you lock your tokens for a certain period of time, you will receive a certain percentage of tokens in addition as a reward. Is like earning interest on the coins you hold. Many DAPPs support and encourage staking, even EOS itself.


A “referral link” is a link that is given out to a subscriber to invite other people and get a reward. Often the referred person gets a bonus too, so never remove a referral form a link (especially if it’s mine), it is also a kind way to say “Thank You!” to the referrer…


Like staking gives you some “interests” on coins you own, dividends are a share of revenues from a DAPP. Some DAPPs require you to stake or “lock” the tokens, others simply need you to own them.

Let’s start with the list!

…and remember: don’t strip the referral because some of these DAPPs give you bonuses if you get referred!


The first can only be:


Referral, Staking (planned)
Trybe, the site on which you are reading this article, is a tokenized knowledge and content sharing platform. For every friend you invite, you will get 50-100 bonus TRYBE tokens. Staking is planned for the future.

Total Supply 10,000,000,000 TRYBE


HorusPay is a decentralized Global Pay Portal. Stake HORUS and get ECASH at a ratio of 0.1% per month. Staking rewards can only be claimed after 7 days.

Total Supply 1,200,000,000 HORUS


Karma is a social reward system to persuade people do good things. Stake or “power-up” your KARMA and earn more KARMA. Claim staking rewards once each week.

Total Supply 100,000,000,000 KARMA



EDNA is a Blockchain-Bio Tech company. Staking terms are: Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly. Monthly is rewarded at 1.5 times the weekly rate, and quarterly at twice the weekly rate. Unfortunately you have to claim each week or you lose your reward. This is due to technical reasons but you will forget this annoyance seeing the considerable gains you can get. For example: if staked quarterly, in favorable conditions, you might get 6% returns per week, like doubling your stack in 12 weeks.

Total Supply 1,300,000,000 EDNA



Referral, Dividends
PandaFun is a multiplayer online blockchain game. You can win EOS in a tournament or selling items in market. The game pays dividends to PDFT (PanDaFun Token) holders. It’s also possible to earn from two levels of referral: 10% from direct invitees, 5% from indirect invitees.

Total Supply 5,000,000,000 PDFT

EOS Knights

Referral (manual add)
EOS Knights is a mobile RPG where you can sell materials and crafted items in the market to earn EOS. There is no referral link but you can manually add an account name (mine is “guzdsobwg4ge”) in “Setting”>”Referral bonus” and we will both receive a “magic water” bonus which is useful in the game to craft items and sell them for EOS.

Pump Dump Wars

PDW is the token of Pump Dump Wars, a card collection game with battles. You can sell your cards on the market for EOS. Invite your friends and get a reward. The more you invite, the rarer the gift-cards you will receive.

Total Supply 10,000,000 PDW


As you can easily guess, the largest category of DAPPs that can provide substantial gains is represented by gambling. Please consider there are many scammers around, stay only with proven betting sites. Some of the DAPPs of this list require you to play one time to activate the account, do it with the minimum sum permitted and with the safest bet. Don’t try to win big, just bet once to unlock the account without lose anything.


Referral, Staking, Dividends
BetDice is one of the most popular Dice DAPPs. 50% of all profits accumulate in the payout pool and is distributed once per hour. The dividend depend on how many staked DICE token you have. You can claim your earned EOS or DICE at any time. Refer friends and earn 0.2% of their bets.

Total Supply 8,800,000,000 DICE


Referral, Dividends
Dice and Slot Machine. Refer friends and receive 0.3% of their bet (0.6% if you hold more than 50000 DEOS). Dividends coming soon.

Total Supply 1,500,000,000 DEOS


Referral, Dividends

FarmEOS is a game platform with many games planned. Dice, Roulette and Minefield are already available. It has two tokens, one is the FARM token that is non-transferable and is used for dividends, the other is the FOS token that can be traded externally. FOS are repurchased weekly and burned. With a referral link you receive 10% of the player’s FARM token.

Total Supply 20,000,000 FARM

Total Supply 100,000,000 FOS



MEV is the ownership token of MyEosVegas gambling ecosystem which comprehend the games Jacks or Better, Baccarat (planned), and Black Jack (planned). Every week, token holders receive 70% of all EOS house profits. Staking is under testing. No referral campaign available for now but is planned.

Total Supply 1,000,000,000 MEV

Endless Game

Referral, Dividends
Just a Dice game for now, more games to come. Invite friends and earn 10% of their ET earnings. 40% of daily profit to all ET holders on daily basis. Dividends in EOS will be distributed every 24 hours in proportion to the amount of ET each user hold. Unclaimed dividends will re-enter the dividend pool for re-distribution. So please make sure to claim your dividend every 24 hours to avoid losses.

Total Supply 1,000,000,000 ET

Trust Dice

Yet another dice site, this one doesn’t give dividends but if you invite friends you will receive 0.5% of their bets.


Referral, Dividends
Another of the best known dice DAPPs. 100% of house profit is distributed to BET token holders, so the more BET you have, the more EOS you receive. Refer a friend and both will receive 0.5% bonus.

Total Supply 88,000,000 BET


Referral, Dividends
EOS Win is a gambling platform with a Dice game and a Lottery. LUCKY token holders can enjoy EOS dividends every week. The platform accumulates 6 days’ profits and claim opens on the 7th day for 24 hours. Refer a friend and receive 0.5% LUCKY bonus. Bets and dividends are in many different tokens.

Total Supply 100,000,000 LUCKY

EOS Royale

Referral, Dividends
European Roulette on EOS. Refer friends and receive 0.5% of their bet. Hold ROY tokens to get dividends.

Total Supply 4,000,000,000 ROY

Lucky With Me (aka Lucky Plaza)

Referral, Dividends
The websites has two tokens: Bullets that gives you dividends on 53% of revenues, and LKT received as “Betting as mining”. Referral pays 5% if friend purchase less than 500000 “bullets”, 10% if more than that. Overall the dynamics of reward and payment are not very clear but may worth a try.

EOSLUCK/Luck Chain

LuckChain is a gambling platform which offers Dice, Lucky Star (betting of EOS block’s hash), and in future most of sports events.

Total Supply 2,100,000,000 LUCK

EOS Poker

Referral, Staking, Dividends
Their first game is not Poker but Black Jack. 80% of revenues go into dividends to POKER token holders who are staking. Invite your friends and earn 0.2% of their winnings in EOS and a quantity equal to half of their mined POKER tokens.

Total Supply 10,000,000 POKER

EOS LuckyMe

Referral, Staking, Dividends
Betting game platform, first game: Dice. 50% of revenues go into dividends to ROLL token holders who are staking (not implemented yet). Refer your friends and earn 0.5% of their bets while your friends can earn extra 0.5% rewards for all the bets they win.

Total Supply 10,000,000,000 ROLL

YUM Games

Referral, Staking, Dividends
First game available is is Heads or Tails. Invite friends to get a 0.5%-2% of their bet, they also receive a bonus. 50% of revenues go into dividends to YUM holders who are staking their tokens (not yet implemented).

Total Supply 10,000,000,000 YUM


Dice game. Refer your friends and earn 0.2% extra bonus for both.


Not much information for this dice game that only offers a referral.

EOS Lelego

Referral, Dividends
Baccarat game. Referrals pays 3 levels down. 100% of revenues go into dividends to LLG token holders on a daily basis.

Total Supply 1,000,000,000 LLG

Big Game

Referral, Staking, Dividends

Casino games: Dice, Lotto, and Poker War (planned). 50% of revenues go into dividends to BG holders who are staking their tokens. Referral commissions of Lotto and Dice are 1.5% and 0.3% of the bet amount respectively.

Total Supply 1,000,000,000 BG


Referral, Dividends
SLOT game, many others to come. Invite friends to get 0.2% of their bet amount. In addition, you can get 0.05% of the bet amount from their referrals. 50% of revenues go into dividends to BG holders who are staking their TGC tokens.

Total Supply 7,500,000,000 TGC


In this section you will find all those game-like DAPPs that doesn’t fit in other categories.



Mine fake BTC, ETH and DOGE coins on EOS Toolkit.

Pixel master

Referral, Dividends

A pixel game with a FOMO-like features. By inviting your friends you earn referral bonus. First canvas ended, now developers are working on new rules for the upcoming new one.

Pixel Fun

Referral, Dividends
A pixel game with a FOMO-like features. By inviting your friends you earn referral bonus.

There are many other new DAPPs not listed yet, I will update the article from time to time or write a second part soon…

To keep you updated in real-time you can consult a spreadsheet I created on the footprint of this article:

If you have any suggestion, please add them in the comments and don’t forget to give some stars!

Last edit: 05 NOV 2018

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  1. Dale

    Nice research.

    Think you are a bit harsh on eDNA – you may have to claim once a week but I have no sympathy for those who cant remember as they have by far the best staking returns (unless you have a tonne of DICE!).

    Edna has been providing 6% returns per week if staked quarterly. Meaning if rates stay this high you would double your stack in 12 weeks.

    Also its not their fault there staking contract is this way – its due to current limitations of EOS and was the only way to set up different staking rates plus token lock-up.

    1. Zutto Post author

      I’ll try to take a look… but I don’t know if it makes sense to do it, most of the latest are gambling DAPPs and those almost never do classic airdrops, they prefer “betting as mining” calling it improperly “airdrop”. Some of them give an “entry bonus” but only few of them refer to genesis…