A short quick important notice – just right in time I hope..! Gotta tell you this fast because there’s almost no time left for the first payout from FunCity @ today (18. November) 22:00 UTC+8 as announced in their telegram channel. Here you can see how much time you have left.

The payout for 10K is estimated to be ~2.55 EOS (which will be also growing a little bit until then)!

The costs for 10K of CITY tokens is around 7.9 EOS right now (0.000790 EOS per coin) on NEWDEX.

The tokens are counted for staking if they are staked at least an hour before the payout (according to the answer in their telegeram).

I only really believe the payout when I really see it..! Compared to other payouts like BetDice (DICE) or even other new ones like EOSLuckyMe (ROLL) this is really obviously a very huge payout. And likely to be not like that for every day … 😉

So if you weren’t aware don’t miss this opportunity to hop in at the last minute! @ https://funcity.one/

They will also be adding new games right 2 hours before the payout!

Info from their telegram group:

1. Reaper Arena, a game that wins power.

2. The Reaper Jackpot, a game that the previous player wins the prize and the last player wins the jackpot.

3. Miner racing, a competition for miners.

My Experience so far on FunCity, “The Reapers Turbo” & the 777 Game are really good! The Reapers Turbo is a really innovative game that is somehow a little trading game. It really is a lot of fun where you can easily make some money if you aren’t too greedy and wait for “secure” spots. It’s a little bit like trading, you basicly bid with CITY coins on a growing EOS payout with a timer to it. If there’s no one else buying your bid you get the payout in EOS. But if there’s someone buying your bid you basically get most of his bid – which means you get 18,4% more coins than you initially invested in the bid. It helps (and is mandatory in my view) to have an exchange open besides to check the current EOS value of the CITY token (like NEWDEX). If you haven’t played it yet just have a look at it yourself! I think it’s really worth it. For me it’s really one of the best from all casino games I saw so far on the new EOS Gambling strip.

The 777 game is also fun: If you roll a dice of 7 or 7,7 you are in position for getting a jackpot payout that is constantly growing but stuck to a timer. If there’s no one other rolling a 7 or 7,7 until the timer ends you get the payout!

Join now @ https://funcity.one/

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