hello to all ,

well it’s my first post so here goes.

just a short chat, married two kids life ok, not great just ok.but without my two young boys life lets say very humdrum just beating or even kicking the can down the road. I cannot tell you how much they mean to me & my flower of a wife to whom I would be lost out of my mind.our first son died in 2004 and we miss him so much no words come to mind only tears which are none stop.

so to all who read this live life as much as you can. our two boys are our life we live for them .open your front you get pissed on, you take your first step and yeah you step not in shit but really on shit, what you do will define what person you are, life is not great its shit BUT you make life what actions you take,left or right it does not matter the powers to be have set the way,break that chain break that chain .we tell our boys to be good it will be hard ,you will get slapped cleft and right but be good be kind be and treat all same as if they are your family .

life is hard, it seems that you do all wrong things, kill rape steal and all bad evil things in life, its as if God rewards them with sunshine each day, while we other people who sweat their balls off to just make ends meet to be good to play by the rules is no life at all

well like I said a short chat , I am from the UK live just outside of London,so to all you can do is try your best in life , heaven will and shall be waiting for our good souls.

till next time


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