Random thoughts

We live in a world where everyone desires to have it all together even if it comes at the expense of our neighbour’s happiness.

We long for power like we long to eat daily.

We want to be in control of other people’s happiness and have them come to our table all the time just to feed from the crumbs.

Humanity is having the heart to serve and help people debarring their disposition towards you. Why? Because humanity is the heart that translates into the act.

Its amazing how people who have greedy intentions don’t create things but ride on already created platforms to fulfill their selfish desires.

When they create, it’s something aimed at filling their wallets and bank accounts, so they control the system.

How long do we live anyway, how well we live is the most important I presume.

We now live in a world where integrity is traded for money.

Love is traded for as little as chicken pie.

Love is betrayed for power.

These things are all structures, how you react to these structures is what matters.

The world system has a way of tuning our minds to what it wants us to do and how our thoughts should be patterned.

But who are you?

Is the world going to be all about you?

Are you going to keep desiring that people never leave your table because of the crumbs that you give.

Wait a minute!

Your steem power is a tool to raise people and not a means to judge people.

We accuse people of crimes we are guilty of, and tell them things we don’t believe in ourselves.

Humanity is what you call it in your heart.

Humanity is who you are to people in actions.

You can’t be away from people and expect the gains of people. Your heart of service can buy people’s life of loyalty.

You think your wallet is bigger than their loyalty?

Relieve that thought and embrace reality.

Humanity is your help in their weakest moment.

People want to be loved.

Get it right in your heart

You will do it right in your acts.

Like I said, this is just my random thought on getting your heart right.

I hope a part if not all appeals to you and you will put your heart back in position than put the position in your heart.

Your status is measured by how much people are willing to go the extra mile for you.

Stay in your place but pls

Get your heart right.

Original article written by me and can be found here:


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