Everything is glass, It can be beautiful one minute, And broken the next.

Just like my heart, It was so beautiful, But you just had to break it.

Can you glue my glass heart back together? It shouldn’t take too long, I promise me and you belong.

Can you pick my glass heart back up? You put it down, And it’s so cold all alone, I really need you, My love for you was true…

But you seemed to not care, If I was just right for you, Because when you found her, You forgot all what me and you would do.

Like how we’d stay up all night, Looking at the stars, We claimed the two brightest stars were our hearts.

Now I know that was a lie, Because now when I look at the stars I cry, I feel like this all because you said good-bye.

I just hope your happy, I hope she treats you just right, Even though you broke me heart, Still to this day you are my brightness light.

I guess I should try and fix my own glass heart, Because you are no where to be found, Your glass heart never broke, But mine is in pieces on the ground.

I know my tears will dry, But right now all I can do is cry.

I just wish my glass heart would have never broke, Because it’s going to take so long to find all of the pieces, And put them in their place, I feel forever broken, I feel like a broken glass vace.

Everything is glass, And it’s so scary to know, That everything is so fragile, Yet no one wants to tiptoe.

You don’t care that you broke my glass heart, And I really shouldn’t be surprised, Because you always knocked things over, And you always would make me cry.

My glass heart is in pieces, It’s shattered on the ground, And no one is around.

I guess I better start picking them up, Because for me you lost your love, I just I wasn’t enough…

Glass heart, How do you feel? You must be so sad, I’m so sorry, You must be very mad.

I will pick you up, And maybe you will never break again, Maybe the glass won’t shatter, And maybe we both can be happy within.

Everything is glass,   Just like my heart,

It’s in pieces,

And all of the pieces have a scar…

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