Motivation is a thing that everyone seems to be looking for nowadays. Everyone is different and the things that motivate me might not motivate you. It’s important to have something that drives you forward.

I usually get people coming to me with a certain goal whereas it’s to lose weight, tone up or build muscle there is an emotional drive behind them for example a man wants to get bigger to feel more confident, look good without a t-shirt, impress their crush etc everyone will have something that they’re exercising for. Now you need to dig deep and ask yourself why is it that you though about starting to exercise in the first place? Once you find your why you will have a reason to go and not miss a session.

If you want to achieve something really badly you will find a way to do it. The way I do it is if I set my mind to something I will do it regardless of the emotional state I’m in, if I was to go to the gym only when I felt like it I would never achieve anything. I believe it comes down to a decision that you want to achieve something and then sticking with it until you manifest it.

At the end of the day you are in control of the decision you make for example you’re coming home after work feeling tired now you got a choice you either drag your ass to the gym or sit down watch TV and snack on junk food. Sitting down and relaxing is an easier option that’s for sure but you got to ask yourself is that going to bring you any closer to your goal?

There will be times where you be tired or sad and want to talk yourself into not going to the gym, it’s essential that you fight off this voice and take action. This is where a spark of motivation comes in handy. There are several things that might get you hyped up and ready to smash it:

• Plug your earphones, put on your favourite music and get ready

• Listen to a motivational speech

• Go on social media and look at people that have achieved what you want

• Ring your training partner!

• Set yourself a challenge that you will go x amount of times this week and schedule it onto your dairy

• Put on your clothes and pack your bag

I’ve witnessed that people that usually lack motivation do so because they don’t really know what to do once they step into the gym so the whole process becomes a drag. If you’re one of those people that do the same routine over and over again in the gym I would consider hiring a personal trainer or asking one for a workout plan. Personal trainer will keep you accountable, make your workouts interesting, show you new exercises, correct your form and ensure you reach your goals much faster. This alone can make a huge difference to your mindset.

The first few weeks are certainly going to be the hardest, this is where you will have to battle with your mind a lot. Once you establish a routine and start seeing results it gets much easier. Commit to it and execute. You got this!

If you need any help with fitness just email me and I will help you: [email protected]

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  1. sandwichbill

    Yeah, when I used to train in my younger days, I found that getting started was half the battle. I used to feel tired before a session, but once I got going I use to have some really good sessions and I felt energised afterwards.