As it’s commonly known, Kazakhstan is a country extremely rich with different minerals, gas, oil and precious metals. Mining Kazakhstan gold is performed using the most modern technologies. In the past, the gold mining process was carried out using the heap leach method. This is when the ore is irrigated with a solution of sodium cyanide and gold is extracted from the rock.

But this method made it possible to efficiently process only oxidized ore. It reserves gradually decreased, and the processing of more stubborn sulfide ores required new technologies and significant investments. Now, loosening of rocks is made by drilling and blasting, and a more complex combined technology with the use of traditional operations: flotation, gravitation, and hydrometallurgy are applied for extraction of gold.

Kazakhstan mining companies

A good way to earn on rising metal prices is to use gold mining investment opportunities buying shares in gold mining and mining companies. Shares of large Kazakh companies are the best option for this.

However, in the case of bankruptcy of the company or a sharp decrease in the value of its shares, the investor risks losing all the funds invested in them. Therefore, shares should not be considered a protective asset, performing the function of financial insurance. Rather, it is a speculative instrument capable of yielding a good return, provided that the risk and potential profitability are correctly assessed. The potential for growth in the value of shares is determined not so much by the dynamics of gold prices as by the financial indicators of the issuing company.

On the other hand, investors have the opportunity to receive not only income in the form of capital gains (as a result of an increase in the market price), but also profit in the form of dividends. However, when gold prices rise very much, companies usually start developing low-yielding mines and upgrading equipment, which they could not afford in the period of low metal prices. This reduces their profits and, accordingly, restrains the growth of shares.


Gold mining in Kazakhstan

In recent years, the country has been pursuing a consistent policy of improving the technological and legal framework for developing the better gold mining opportunities in Kazakhstan.

In the last year adopted subsoil use code, according to the developers, there are a number of points that create favorable conditions for businessmen to invest in Kazakhstan gold mining, regardless of whether it is large, medium or small business. One of the main novels of the project is the simplification of permits for exploration and production.

Kazspecgeology is one of the best gold mining companies to invest in due to it many-years experience of exploration and mining along with excellent reputation. High-tech equipment and qualified personnel ensure the development and implementation of various mining projects in high-quality and on time.

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