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It can hardly go unnoticed the fast rate at which various dapps are popping up in the cryptosphere. There is literally a new crypto project popping up EVERY DAY! A suprising number of these crypto projects are gaming and gambling platforms. All with the usecase that promises an exciting time on the platform and mouth watering rewards. But, we have also seen how a disappointingly large number of them crash and born soon after launch due to poor tokenomics strategy. Now the problem is not which gaming platform to choose, but what sets this particular gaming or gambling platform apart from the rest.


Gold Poker is a decentralized open source, anonymous peer to peer cryptocurrency that cuts out the middleman, while keeping all the features a user would expect from a cryptocurrency. Gold Poker is a privacy focused currency working with a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, aiming to be viable means of trading value while offering minimal transaction fees and lengths.

The GoldPoker coin is the preferred means of payment on the Gold Poker Platform where users can gamble on poker games and take their winnings, all from the comfort of their phone. Poker fans that play for points on mobile apps can now do so and earn rewards while doing so. This is an amazing opportunity for fans of the game to make cool money while doing what they love!

# Features

INSTANT – One of the main advantages offered by Gold Poker network is

faster, near zero cost transactions. You can send Gold Poker to anyone

anywhere, with blazing fast transaction times that are nearly instantaneous.

SECURE – Gold Poker offers more reliability compared to any other blockchain

based cryptocurrency. Be in control of your money and know your wealth

is secure.

PRIVATE – Personal Privacy and freedom from big corporate control in the digital

age is our priority. Gold Poker is your very own private and secure digital


UNIQUE – Be the lucky winner of a super block that ends with the digit 3 and

receive super block reward of 33 Gold Poker, 30 coins for masternode and 3 coins

for pos.

# Coin Details

:: GPKR maximum supply is 33.333.333 coins

:: GPKR total supply 2,499,106 coins

:: GPKR circulation supply 1,698,106 coins

:: Masternode collateral 33.333 coins

:: Block time 33 seconds

:: Per month only 7 masternodes are being mined

:: Per year only 84 masternodes are available

:: Maximum supply will be filled only after 11 years

:: In total we can have only 1000 GPKR masternodes

# Coin Specs

Coin Name – Gold Poker

Ticker – GPKR

Coin Type – Masternode/PoS

Algorithm – Quark

Total Supply – 33.333.333

Masternode collateral – 33.333

Masternode Reward – 3

Pos Reward – 0.3

Super Block Reward – 33 ( Mn – 30, PoS-3)

Block Time – 33 seconds


Always remember to do your own research before investing in any coin!

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