Looking at dappradar today wile of work getting some well-deserved rest, I saw a jump in the chart from a total of 75 dapps on EOS, BetDice was on page 2 of the list and falling behind in place 50 or so, reloaded the page and noticed it had jumped to number 2 with a lot more players . I just had to have a look first I saw that they are giving you 1000 DICE free for sing up, and 100 for every EOS played with and best of all lucky draw with a chance of getting from 0.0005 to 50 EOS very 1 hour at no cost, even being a gambling Site getting you 1000 free DICE and a shear in profits and an hourly small amount in lucky draw seems fair to me I would love to know if anyone has got 50 EOS in the Draw ? sing up with this Invite link https://betdice.one/ and alos get your invite link Reefer friends for a chance of up to 30% of the profit generated by their bets! This is a gambling game, play responsibly.

 “DICE tokens will be issued on our site once BetDice goes live. 100% of earnings will be proportionally shared among token holders instaly. Betting creates a win-win situation for both you and us.

To celebrate the sensational launch of BetDice, we are giving 1 million DICE to our new users. Come and get 1000 DICE for free now. Besides, for every 1 EOS you bet, you will be rewarded 100 DICE.

This giveaway is just for once. Don’t miss the chance to get limited free DICE tokens now. DICE tokens will be listed on exchange very soon. It will be turning from worthless to valuable. This is not a dream.\ Lucky Draw”

Lucky Number


0-9885    0.0005 EOS

9886-9985  0.0050 EOS

9986-9993  0.0500 EOS

9994-9997 0.5000 EOS

9998-9999 5.0000 EOS

10000 50.0000 EOS

“How to Play?

1, Prepare your EOS account. Please follow this tutorial to create an account if you don’t have

2, If you didn’t install Scatter yet, please follow this Install Scatter to install Scatter

3, Press the login button to login through Scatter and collect FREE DICE token

4, Choose your betting currency, you can bet with EOS or DICE token

5, Select your bet amount

6, Slide the slider to change your winning by guessing the upper limit of the dice number

7, Click “Roll Dice” to bet. If the dice number rolled is lower than dice number you guess, you win and get the payout

** As the game is run on the EOS Smart Contract, it is proved to be fair and cannot be cheated. By our unique Encyption technology, the result of rolling will not be changed by any means.”

invite link  https://betdice.one/?ref=eddiekitsner for 1000 free DICE

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