I’m back again talking about art, this time about that from the street, precisely the one proposed by the epic @ran.koree, to whom I had dedicated an article with the great Ryo while ago, but I didn’t know that he was also on Trybe! He has not posted many articles, but in those he did you can find excellent works, I recommend you run to give a look and leave him a feedback, they really deserve!! Let’s make him feel at home! 


The art that he does is amazing! A mix colors, the first with a bright blue of those that puts joy, the second gives me the impression of a real graffiti, its gray also reminds me a lot of a wall, the last one has that shining orange which has a kind of phenomenal! The addition in all three of the dots bubbles on the sides of the DEX gives me a party feeling! What can I add about this fantastic artist !? This guy always manages to amaze me and I do not think I’ll ever get tired of talk about him! An excellent job that I really appreciated!!


If you take a look at his works you can immediately understand how much time this guy dedicates to his art and how much time he cares about it. I have seen many artists on social networks but just few have a genuine attitude like his, brilliant, creative, helpful and kind person, I can just find positive word about him, you can see what I’m speaking about from the drawing of this post, another present from the epic @ran.koree who gave me the gift of three drawings that I consider wonderful!!! 

Let me know what you think and do not miss to visit him on his page, where he proposes his fantastic works!



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