The EOS blockchain is super fast and according to Blocktivty the EOS blockchain is the number 1 blockchain for the most transactions. This is great!

GENEREOS  is an Australian EOS Block Producer Candidate that has an amazing EOS resource called EOSTOOLKIT that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already. I just noticed that EOSTOOKIT has added a new game called “Grandpacoins” and can be played here

How to play:

1. Mining:

Once logged in to EOSTOOLKIT you can “Mine” 3 currencies (BTC, ETH and DOGE). You can hit the MINE IT! button every 12 hours. The first time you hit the MINEIT! button you will receive 100 coins. All subsequent times you hit the MINE IT! button you will get 5 additional coins.

Note you will use some RAM when you hit the MINE IT! Button.

2. Referral:

You can use your referral link: (x= your 12character EOS account) to refer others to earn more. Referrers make 5% bonus of mining, and 2.5% fees on transfers.

3. Become Chief Miner to earn most!

The Chief Miner receives 10% fees from all transfers of all coins, and 10% bonus when any coin is mined by anyone! This is a powerful position if you want to accrue coins. The Chief Miner is the only part of the game that will cost you EOS (if you chose to do so), and will go to the reward pools. How to get Chief status? You must “Usurp” (definition: take a position of power or importance illegally or by force. ) the previous chief by paying 25% more than what they paid. This “out bidding” to become Chief Miner is reminiscent of the EOS PIXEL MASTER game. 

How to win the game Grandpacoins?


If you have the highest VOLUME of transfers of coins in the current round then you win the Jackpot! The current round will end on Oct. 31 2018. The coin that is used to win the JACKPOT becomes the Winning Team and the winning coin gets the Team Dividend divided amongst all holders.

For example, if the jackpot winner won by using DOGE coin and if you have 100 DOGE and there is 100,000 DOGE supply you will receive 0.1% of the Team Dividend. (1)

The last person to transfer a coin makes 2.5% fees on the subsequent transfer. All transfers have 15% fees that get paid to the last person who transferred that coin (2.5%), your referrer for that coin (2.5%) and the Chief Miner (10%). There is something called the VELOCITY prize and it goes to whichever account has the most transactions with a single coin.

For example, If player 1 does 100 transfers of 100 BTC their volume is 10,000 (100×100). Now if player 2 does 125 transfers of 50 ETH then their volume is 6,250. Since 10,000 is greater than 6,250 in volume, this means player1 would win the JACKPOT. BUT since 125 transfers are greater than 100 transfers then player 2 would win the Velocity consolation Prize as player2 would have the most transfers. (1)

Other notes Grandpacoins:

There will be a carry forward amount that will be used in the jackpot for in the next round. At the moment the rounds are 1 month long. There is a developer fund that supports development of this game and future implementations of the game. A portion of the developer fund will also be paid into the GENEREOS donation pool to help the community and good causes.


For each of the coins that are mined there is a very nice statistic summary showing your balance and how it compares to the highest volume and velocity.

For example here are my BTC stats:

So go play Grandpacoins and let’s make these old coins move FAST on the EOS blockchain!

If you found this post useful and want to give it a try you can use my referral link:





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    1. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian Post author

      Hi @Rich Reeve yes it may be confusing as it is in many games when you don’t really know the strategy. It will be interesting to see how this evolves. I think you can just hit the MINE IT! buttons every 12 hours and see how that goes. If you don’t understand the game I would stay away from the Usurp the Chief as that cost EOS.

    1. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian Post author

      @bitcoinquest I had this question too and as far as I know one strategy is to send them to yourself and that would count as a transfer, but keep in mind that each transfer have 15% fees. And from that that 15%, the last person who transferred that coin gets 2.5%, your referrer for that coin gets 2.5% and the Chief Miner gets 10%. I think what you could do is have two EOS accounts and transfer back and forth? Or transfer small amounts of a coin and then if a whale transfers a huge sum next, you will get 2.5% of the whale’s transfer as you were the last to transfer that coin. We will have to wait and see how the strategies play out.

    1. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian Post author

      Yeah its fake ETH, BTC and DOGE and actually Scatter had to drop the
      Grandpacoins ETH from its token calculation as it was calculating the value based on the real ETH price. I was shocked when I opened my Scatter Desktop. But they resolved the issue quickly.