Hello, My name is Josh and this is my first post here on trybe. I will work on properly introducing myself later but for now i am going to tell a story.

It about that time when there is festivities in the air and Christmas spirit is starting to wake up from its year long hibernation. And, as Christmas draws near it is important to always remember the things we have to thankful for, as it helps to really appreciate the season.

Now this story is a very short one and it passes a very fundamental message that is key, not only to a hearty and happy celebration, but to living a happy life as well.

My story goes thus…

There were two colleagues, Michael and Ben who worked in the same office and were on the same level in the office. They also attended the same church.

Michael was always complaining about the state of affairs of his life. Always groaning at how bad the hand life had dealt him was. His brother had just gotten a very flashy new job and instead of been happy about it, he lamented that it was not fair that his younger brother was prospering and he wasn not. In short, Michael grumbled over everything and never appreciated what he had.

Ben, on the other hand was a very cheerful man. Always smiling and was always happy to spread some joy into somebody’s life. He was married with a son and a daughter and his life seemed like everything was all roses and sunshine, atleast that’s what Michael thought.

They had a very horrible boss who would always insult and ridicule them, but, while Michael would lament and throw tantrums at the ill treatment they got from the boss, Ben would oh so cheerfully brush it off like it was nothing and this always baffled Michael.

One day, there were some errors in a transaction that cost their company a fortune and Ben was blamed for it and fired.

Now it was thanksgiving sunday, the last sunday of the year, and Ben was dancing like he won the lottery, which was strange considering he just lost his job. He was so energetic while Michael watched him with curiosity. After the service Michael asked Ben why he was so joyous. He had assumed that Ben had just landed some huge job or something and was curious to know if he could grab a slice of the action. Ben assured him that nothing new or exciting had happened that he was just showing his gratitude to God the way he k ew how.

While they were talking, another church member came over to ask Ben about his sick wife. Upon hearing this Michael was suprised to hear that Ben’s wife had been diagnosed with cancer over a year ago and she had been undergoing treatment ever since. Michael just could not wrap his head around the fact that Ben was dealing with such a crisis and was always so cheerful, and even now he was dancing when he obviously had no means to pay for his wife’s treatments since he had no job now. At that point, Michael realized that his life was even much better off than the person he had thought was doing well.

Ben explained that even though these bad things had happened to him, and they always have, he had chosen to be grateful for the things he did have rather than complain about the things he didn’t. And that in doing so, he had been able to always have peace even in the midst of all the trouble. His resolve to always thank God regardless was so strong that, like Job in the bible, he said…

“Even if he slays me, i will still trust in him.”Job 13v15

Meaning that what ever he went through, he would always trust that God knew what was best for him and thus he would always be thankful because God said…

“I know the thoughts i have towards, thoughts of good and not of evil, to give you a hope and a future.” Jerimaiah 29v11


The moral of this story basically is to always be thankful for what you have because that which you have and look down on is what somebody else prays for everyday.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. TRUTH(@i-am)

    Excellent advice!
    An ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE is the ONLY WAY to find peace in this world. If you can’t be grateful for what you have, you will never be happy, as you always only have what you have.
    No matter who your are or how bad you have been, a child rapist, a murderer, and fraudster and cheat, or a Saint,,, makes no difference who your are,,,, the ENTIRE UNIVERSE has been given to you to live in and experience…… if one can not be grateful with that knowledge and proof of God’s love for them,,,, then they will NEVER find the “PEACE of GOD”.