The picture you see above is an illustration of two black holes that merge with each other. Eventually, the black holes will merge, producing gravitational waves.

Gravity has been studied since Newton’s time, but present-day science still talking a little about that, can be said, knowledge about this field it is still very little known, and this has become a kind of the mystery to all scientists for centuries.

Well, I’m not talking about the stupidity of the present, but do you know what gravity is? Do you also have knowledge about the causes of gravity? Specifically, scientists are still confused with this and include the biggest mysteries in the world of science, especially astronomy.

As we know and have learned, gravity is not something that can be explained by standard modes of physics. Because theorists initially believed that gravity might have something to do with small particles. Furthermore, it’s a small massless particle, called “graviton”, but until now it’s still hypothetical and still referred to as an intermediate gravitational force on Theory of Quantum Mechanics. Although it hasn’t been proven, maybe this particles will be discovered sometime later. For a while, the most accurate theory to explain now is General Relativity Theory.

Artist concept of Gravity Probe B orbiting the Earth to measure space-time, a four-dimensional description of the universe including height, width, length, and time. Image Credit: NASA



2016 is the moment, the phenomenon of gravitational waves predicted by Albert Einstein 100 years ago, two years ago found a way to light. Scientists at the LIGO research center (Laser Interferometer Gravitational – Wave Observatory), officially announced their findings related to the first gravitational waves detected by mankind.

Gravitational waves in the form of collisions of two black holes have given us all the answers.

LIGO is a combination of hundreds (almost a thousand) researchers from all over the world, they have become witnesses who decided the truth of the signal they received from the LIGO detector on September 14, 2015. That has become direct evidence about the existence of gravitational waves.

If Albert Einstein was still alive, maybe he would shout happily, because one of his predictions proved correct. That is perfect satisfaction, at least this century, all scientists, especially physicists and astronomers today feel that happiness. Because this finding is very important, it can even be compared with the discovery of “God’s Particles” a few years ago.

The fundamental question of us who are still common also arises! what does the gravitational wave look like?

Do you see the celestial objects in the universe? Are they silent?

No its not! they are not silent in their position, the celestial objects are always moving, a large enough mass is found on these celestial objects. So if we accelerate the motion, then we will see the space-time around it also changes.

These changes will spread away in all directions that move as fast as light as space-time waves. This is what is called a Gravitational Wave.

A theory that turns into proof has taken hundreds of years, and this is the difference today with decades before. We have been introduced to it, but we have never known the real proof.

So, the two LIGOs that have been built in the United States specifically to prove the truth of Einstein’s predictions have given us the answer after the device detects gravitational waves from the process of joining of 2 black holes.

Steemians! On the next occasion, I will discuss more specifically about how the LIGO’s station works and the work system in it. So, if you have questions or want to explain something about this, please provide your comments in the column below. Let’s share knowledge. Regards!

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  1. Cloud blade

    Black hole will lead to the opposite world,
    Suppose we are here a positive universe,
    That through the black hole, it will reach the negative universe.
    So we observe the black hole,
    I think that everything has been sucked in by him and disappeared.
    Being sucked in,
    Going to the negative universe