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Whether we’re ready to admit or not, at some level of our awareness, we realize that a pretty significant chunk of our existence is dictated by Illusions. Obviously they come in various forms and images and a big part of them differ from person to person, group to group, organization to organization…

However, there are those that have the power to impact the entire humanity simultaneously. Many of these are harmless, some of them even with a role of protection. But there are also some dangerous with detrimental inclination, that most of the time destroy us gradually; or at least put on us the “seal of stagnation”, so we can’t expand our horizons in a natural way.

In essence, the phenomena of the Illusion is born as a linear manifestation of our subjective being, which actually is a beautiful thing as long as we recognize its presence rather than allowing ourselves to fall into the delusion of denying it. Because if we do choose the latter — now we entangled ourselves in a double-layered Illusion, and that’s not beautiful anymore.

So far so good, now that I tortured you enough with my confusing introduction about Illusions, it’s time to give you what you came here for — the greatest Illusion of the Humankind. But in order to torture you even more, you’ll be able to get it only and only if you read this article till the end.

So, what’s the greatest Illusion of the Humankind? Instead of telling you this outright, better is to illustrate it, so you comprehend it at a more profound level. There are many examples through which this illustration could be delivered; nonetheless, it will be done through the means of CryptoCurrencies.

Say what? That’s right; through the means of that very thing that 90%+ of our society still considers to be yet another useless financial bubble.

And evidently enough, without any doubt, there is a myriad of reasons that create all these barriers, such as:

== Not understanding the fundamentals and seeing the value beyond the speculation purpose.

== Concern that this might be just a short hyped bubble.
== Fear of regulations.

== Unwillingness to leave the comfort zone.

== Inability to expand our vision.
== The lack of realizing how our current Fiat system is so broken and designed to enrich only a small percentage of our population.

== The unreadiness of recognizing the importance of decentralization, censorship resistance, privacy, open source environment, complete ownership etc…

And many others…………………………………..

However, the biggest of them all resides in the fact that Changes, especially as big as Cryptos bring upon us, are always feared and neglected automatically by our subconsciousness, at least at first

In fact, when things that have the potential of bringing cardinal Changes upon world and give to it a new shape are emerging — we see 90%+ of the people rushing into throwing statements and opinions that this is stupid, unrealistic, impossible, nonsense, too good to be true; and some of them even go ahead yelling: “Don’t let yourself be fooled by the promise of a new system; believing that the establishment is going to allow such a big Change — is an Illusion!”

But if there is one priceless lesson that the history teaches us, no matter what establishment there is out there, is that the impression that things don’t Change around us — it’s the greatest Illusion of them all! It’s characteristic that in the beginning people are opposing it, but the Change is inevitable; this happened with the Internet, this happened with Space Programs, with TV, Radio, Planes, Electricity, Automobiles, Trains, Industrial Revolution, Agriculture, Republic, Democracy, Absolutism and the list can be pretty much endless…

Even though the majority is very afraid of accepting the process of Changing, positioning ourselves in the society with the mentality of “no Change allowed” — is a much more dangerous position and should it be feared instead. By doing so, we go against one of the Universe’s foundational principles; and this never ends well.

So, when you manage to break free from the Illusion that things don’t Change — that’s when you liberate your spirit and let it run wild. Without letting your spirit run wild, don’t even start dreaming about ever reaching your full potential.

In conclusion, I would urge people to try and look beyond the things visible at the first glance. Try at least for once to read between lines and not letting yourself be fed and trapped by the mainstream media, which doesn’t provide you with information, but with propaganda. Their purpose is not to inform you, but to make you believe in things congruent with their agenda.

Remember, if you truly want to receive information instead of propaganda, developing the ability and tendency to read between lines is absolutely imperative.

When you’re witnessing to a communication: your first question shouldn’t be “What is being said?” but “Why is being said?”, and then go from there…

I’ll leave you on this note…….

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  1. James Diegel

    Nice piece Cornel. Thanks for the share. And yes, the reality of change is an allusion at best – until of course it becomes reality and and new reality of change is born to quell our allusive spirits 😉