COSS is an half-decentralized exchange. From what they claim – it is a fast, secure, and simple exchange supporting a multitude of cryptocurrencies. The name means The Crypto One-Stop Solution and they have native token called like this.  The COSS token holders are rewarded with weekly payouts in all cryptocurrencies supported at for using the platform and the exchange

Lately, many users couldn’t log in to the site and got a strange looking message: Your account is deactivated. Please contact support in order to activate it.

if you are not using it I suggest to register right now – click here.

After sending an email they said they will do a call and re-activate. Some users online were claiming they don’t do that and other stuff. But actually – they locked all account that had no 2FA (yeah mine too, i had there nothing serious).

Here is how to unlock your account (its a googled topic so I’m sure many people will come to this post generically).

– Email [email protected] and wait for reply with a secret code

– Write down the code that you got and reply with the phone to call you at and a date based on timezones they supply (you need to choose one that makes Singapore awake)

– Give the code on the phone when they call, no extra questions get asked so this is not hard.

– Apply 2FA security on your account, google authenticator or authy applications will work fine

Make Money with Coss


If you buy COSS tokens and hold them they will give you fee split of tokens. They often have good prices bs ie Binance exchange so i suggest to register there and keep some Ethereum on.

I recommend getting this exchange as often it has cheaper price than Bittrex or Binance and you can arbitrage easily.

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